Bingo Idol is now closed

Bingo Idol has closed as of 16th August 2021. Below is the original review, but this will be removed shortly.


Bingo Idol is a fairly standard Dragonfish bingo site that sits on the no-wagering Real Bingo Network. Sites on this network have deposit offers that pay out in cash, rather than bingo bonus.

The layout and games available will be instantly familiar if you've ever played on Dragonfish before. There is nothing obvious that stands out as being unique to this site that you can't find at any of the other sites on the network.

However, it is run by a reputable company who are well experienced in making the most out of the Dragonfish bingo platform. Plus it's a no wagering site which means you don't have to think about any annoying wagering restrictions. I've no problem recommending this site, so long as you are aware that some other restrictions on your bonus are to be considered, such as the max cap on slot winnings.

You can also find many similar sites to Bingo Idol over on the Dragonfish Bingo Sites page.

Bingo Games Available

Here is a list of all the different varieties of online bingo available at this site:

Bingo Games Available

Ticket prices

Ticket prices vary quite a bit. Some rooms are just 1p a ticket, whereas the invite-only Big Bang game which plays at the end of the month has tickets costing an incredible £10 each! That game does have a £10k guaranteed jackpot though, which explains the high entry price. But still, £10 a ticket. That's a bit steep for me!

As with all Dragonfish brands, the most tickets you can buy in a game is 96, which means if the ticket price is 10p you're looking at £9.60 to max out. I don't know about you, but I like to spend significantly less per game than that, so I will usually only buy maybe 6 or 12 tickets per game. It leaves me at a bit of a disadvantage compared to players who max out.

If that's an issue for you too, then you may want to try the Even Stevens bingo room. In this room players buy 24 tickets each and cannot have more or less, meaning the games are 100% same chance for everyone. Only downside to this is the room currently doesn't appear to be open all of the time, and may only be available on certain days of the week.

Overall there is enough variety to keep things interesting, but I do find it annoying that there is no way of looking ahead at the full bingo schedule to pre-buy for more than the next game. For example, I can see on the screenshot above that there is a free game in Free4U happening in 4 hours, but I've no idea when the next free game takes place after that one (if any).

Claiming the deposit offer

Because this site is on the no-wagering network, you don't get a traditional cash-match bonus. As you'll see above, Bingo Idol currently has a deposit reward whereby you'll get some free bingo tickets and free spins when you deposit a minimum of £10.

Once you've made your first deposit you get these rewards as 'vouchers' that you need to select within the lobby and then activate. These should be easy enough to find. On desktop they appear as a gift icon in the top right. On mobile it's a bit different but both will alert you with a little icon that says you have 1 or 2 things to take a look at.

The voucher screen slides out from the side and is split into 'Games Vouchers' and 'Bingo Vouchers'. SImply click or tap on these to see the various vouchers you have hopefully been credited with after depositing. For free spins it will open the slot game and you can use your spins right away. For bingo, it will open the room those tickets are valid for and usually you'll have a set number of days to use them before they expire.

When I first deposited at Bingo Idol, one of the bonuses was 100 free tickets to a bingo room called Street Party. However, this room only allowed you to buy 12 tickets at a time and the next game wasn't playing for another 7 hours. So I still had 88 tickets left over. The T&Cs on the voucher screen said I've got 7 days to use these tickets, but I've actually no idea how many games there will be in Street Party later tonight as there is no bingo schedule you can look at.

I assume it's more than one game per day, because I've only got 7 days left to claim and at 12 tickets a time I've got roughly 8 games of bingo I can buy into with these vouchers. The only way to find out is to come back later on and see what happens. I may need to set a reminder!

As for the free spins, any winnings will be paid in cash but there will be a max limit you can win. When I did it the limit was £1 max, but in the end I only got 35p from my 10 free spins! Oh, and I almost forgot, you won't get the free spins until you've spend at least £5 of your first deposit.

This restriction had to be added recently because some people were abusing the system by depositing £10, using their free spins, and then withdrawing the £10 back again.

Free Bingo at Bingo Idol

There are a few free bingo rooms. Once called Free4U which is a 75 ball room and open in the evening. The others are £250 Saucy Sunday, which as you may guess is open only on Sunday for a £250 jackpot. The other is £1k Mondays, which I will leave you to guess what day it's open on and how much can be won in the game!

All of the free rooms are restricted to funded players only. I'm not sure if that means once you've made a deposit you get entry to these rooms forever, or if it just means you get access for a limited time. Details are a bit difficult to find.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, you can't see if there are any more free games after the one that's next up, so I've no idea just how many free games take place in all of these rooms.

Deposits & Withdrawals at Bingo Idol

Getting your money in and out of Bingo Idol is as simple as any other Dragonfish site, as they all use the same cashier features. There is usually a big deposit button at the top or bottom of the screen, depending on your device.

This will always open on the deposit window, but from there you can switch to withdrawals if that's what you're looking to do. It's pretty fool proof to just follow the on screen instructions, but if you need any help you will find a 24/7 helpline there in the cashier view.

Payment methods at Bingo Idol include:

  • Debit Card
  • Paypal
  • Pay by Phone

Minimum deposit and withdrawal is just £5.

Don't forget, if you are depositing to make sure you use the promo code for any promotion you are hoping to claim. If you forget to use the promo code you won't get any of the advertised bonuses.

Bingo Idol Contact Details

  • Telephone: 0808 238 9814
  • Live Help (When logged in)
  • Contact Form On Site.

The telephone number is available between 10am - 2am, 7 days a week.