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What's On This month?

The one thing that I find really hard is keeping track of all the different promotions and events that are happening at various different bingo sites. There is so much going on that no-one has really bothered to gather these promos all in one place - until now!

With so many different promos out there I have divided them up into sections based on event type. Click on the links to skip ahead to the type of event you like best, and then click on each image to find out more about each specific event.

Daily Free Games

Many online bingo sites run special promotions designed to encourage players to come back to the site more regularly. Usually they will be a 'spin the wheel' or 'open the box' type game, where you get one go each day.

The idea being, you could win some kind of prize and then once you've done it, you're on their site and more likely to continue playing the proper bingo games.

Sometimes these promotions are only 'free' for depositing players. If so, this will be clearly marked in the key terms and conditions below.

Free Bingo Sessions

One of the mainstays of online bingo promotions is a bit of free bingo. Typically these will be played out for very small prizes, although there will be many bigger events at the larger brands who put up more sizable prizes.

When attending a free bingo session, expect hundreds if not thousands of players all competing for a relatively small prize. Don't go into them thinking it is easy money or that you'll be likely to win.

Some free bingo sessions also give you the option of buying additional tickets for the games. This is known (at least on Playtech sites) as 'Free or Superbooks'. Players who pay for superbook tickets get a larger prize if they win compared to players using only free tickets.

Livestream Events

One of the biggest trends in online bingo in recent years has been the growth in special live-streamed shows that are broadcast directly into the bingo rooms, or on social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube (often in multiple places at the same time).

Both Playtech and Dragonfish bingo software now has the capability to place live TV directly into the bingo rooms, and several brands are already taking advantage of this tool.

Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo are the main brands using this feature to it's maximum, often with big-budget promotions and celebrity guests. However, there are also others with smaller budgets doing some interesting things with the livestream feature.

Guaranteed Jackpots

Another mainstay of online bingo promotions is the guaranteed jackpot. This is where bingo sites will place a guaranteed amount of money into the pot before even any players have bought in.

Some guaranteed jackpots can be just small amounts, but enough of a pot put in to make it worthwhile attending. Other events really go big with the guaranteed prize money, often putting up several thousand pounds in winnings.

Keep an eye out for the ones referred to as 'sliding jackpots'. I'm not a huge fan of these ones because the jackpot amount starts high, but gets lower during the game as more balls are called. There is always a minimum guaranteed amount that is still quite large, but I feel these kind of jackpots are a bit fake and misleading.

Other Bingo Promotions

Occasionally there will be some interesting promotions that don't fit neatly into the other categories I have come up with. An example of these would be random promotions and games that are done by chat hosts on an ad-hoc basis.

Another example would be a promotion whereby you get some kind of reward in return for making a deposit or spending a certain amount of money. Any I spot that I think are pretty good I will place in this section.

More Bingo Events?

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