What are Cookies?

This website uses cookies.

Cookies are small text files that are given to your web browser when it visits a website. Different cookies do different things, but mainly they are an anonymous way of tracking what you do on the site, such as what pages you visited, how long you stayed on a page and which buttons you clicked on.

Some sites use cookies to track what you've looked at so they can show you ads on another site. This is why on Facebook you'll often see adverts for something you were searching for away from Facebook.

I don't use any of those kind of cookies. At HowAbout Bingo I only use cookies for two purposes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Affiliate Tracking

All cookies expire after a certain amount of time, and you can disable / delete cookies at any time from your browser settings.

Google Analytic Cookies

As the owner of this website, I want to know how many people are visiting the site, what they're looking at and what they click on across the site. For this I use a system from Google called Analytics.

Google Analytics places a cookie file on your browser when you visit the site which tracks which pages you look at, how long you're on the page and things like this. It's all anonymous so I can't see who you are. It helps me improve the site by monitoring which pages are popular, which pages have low time on site and things of this nature.

Thanks to cookies I can also see if players come back after visiting the site before. It is all useful info for me, no real issue for you.

Affiliate Tracking Cookies

This website is funded via affiliate commissions. If you click on any of the links marked with a star ⭐ when you arrive at that bingo site they will place a cookie in your browser that tells them that you came from this website.

This is essential to the business model of this site (and every other bingo reviews site in the world), so that I can be paid a commission fee for referring players to that site. Just like the analytics cookies, everything is anonymised so no personal information is available. All I get to see is how many visitors clicked on one of my affiliate links and how many of those visits led to registrations and deposits to be made. I cannot see who those individual people are.

Disabling Cookies

If you really want to make it harder for me to analyse my website traffic and to get no revenue from it, you may of course disable cookies on your browser. How to do this depends on what browser you use, so I suggest a quick Google search will help you out.