Privacy Policy

Personal Information

How About Bingo is a relatively simple website. It doesn’t have a login for users and currently there are no places other than an email form to send us messages or allow us to gain access to any personal information. If you do choose to email us, we do not store or pass on your email address to any third parties. Emails are simply deleted after we have responded to your query.

If you opt to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube we may be able to see your social account image and name, but other than what you make publicly visible we cannot see or intend to do anything with this information. We just want to concentrate on keeping our site up to date, we’ve no time for anything else!

Non-Personal Information

Because we use Google Analytics, this platform does collect technical information about the software and hardware you use to visit the website. This can include:

Device model & manufacturer
Which web browser you are using
The operating system (e.g. iOS / Android / Windows)
Location data (usually just to town level)

However, all of this kind of information is anonymised so we cannot personally identify you in any way. All we would see are stats such as User A visited the site from Town B, using a Samsung Galaxy on Chrome browser (for example).

Google Analytics also collects other information such as what pages were visited, time spent on the site, clicks, page scrolls and other activity like this. This is just used to help us improve the website and concentrate resources on pages that need attention or are popular with visitors.

We also use a video hosting solution called SproutVideo which collects anonymised data via cookies about whether or not visitors watched one of our embedded videos, how much of the video they watched and whether they clicked any links within the video. Nothing is personally identifiable to you.


The above non-personal information is collected using cookies that are placed on your browser when you visit the website. Cookies are simple text files that are placed on your hard drive.

Your browser has the ability to decline and/or delete cookies via your browser’s options. Declining or deleting cookies won’t really change anything about your visit to this website. For more information see our Cookie Policy page.

Marketing Communication

We currently do not, and have no plans to do any broadcast marketing, such as emails, newsletters or push notifications. We do not collect or store contact information therefore if you ever receive anything that claims to be from HowAbout Bingo, please ignore it.

We do post regularly to social media, therefore if you are subscribed on YouTube or follow us on other platforms, you may get notifications of any new posts or videos we publish. If you received these it is because you follow us and not because we have deliberately targeted you for that communication. You have full control via your own social media account as to whether or not you get notified of our social activity.

Sharing Data With Third Parties

We do not share any data about any visitors to our website with any third parties.

If you visit any third party (i.e. a bingo site), from one of our links then that third party will have their own privacy policy, terms and cookies that they use and are in control of and responsible for.

Contacting Us

Feel free to contact us with any queries relating to our Privacy Policy via our contact form.

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