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Everything You Need To Know About Online Bingo Chat Hosts

Online Bingo Chat Hosts

When I first started out in online bingo I was responsible for a very popular free-to-play bingo site. One of my duties was being a chat manager and looking after a team of voluntary chat hosts. Many of the 'VCMs' that I trained up later went on to get full time chat host jobs.

I also looked after a website that was dedicated to chat hosts called WhichCM (aka CM of the Year). This site had a CM jobs page, CM vote and lots of interviews and articles about chat hosting.

I'm also the admin of a dedicated chat hosts Facebook group, so I know a thing or two about hosting.

How to find a CM / Chat Host Job

The inconvenient truth is that there are very few opportunities available these days, especially if you want to work from home remotely. Over the years many bingo sites and networks have outsourced their chat host jobs overseas, where obviously they can make significant savings on wages.

However, you do get the odd CM job pop up now and again, but you need to be ready to apply quickly. It has been known for job vacancies to be taken down within 24 hours simply because of how many applications the site received.

So whenever I spot any jobs going, I will post the details right here on our chat host jobs board. It's then up to you to make the most of it!

Chat Hosts Jobs Board

Here are some of the vacancies we've spotted in recent weeks. Click on the job to find out more details and how to apply.

Chat Host Job VacancyLive Bingo Hosts

Other Online Bingo Jobs

Occasionally we may spot jobs that aren't bingo chat hosts, but are still relevant for somebody looking for remote work in the bingo industry. Chat host vacancies get most of the attention but sometimes you can earn good money by being a bingo writer or customer support.

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Sorry, we do not have any other bingo job vacancies at this time. If you know of any bingo jobs that are available, please let us know via our contact form.

Other ways to find Chat Host Work

As with many careers in life, it's often who you know, rather than what you know, that gives you that first step on the ladder.

I once spoke to a chat host manager for a major bingo brand and he told me that they rarely ever advertise chat host positions, simply because if they ever need anyone they usually ask existing chat hosts for personal recommendations. There is often no shortage of friends and family who would like to earn some money working from home as a bingo host.

Over the years I have known one or two players have managed to find chat host work by cold-calling the operators, or contacting new bingo sites, to see if they can place their CV on a waiting list. But these days, most new sites are networked and don't have their own team of hosts so the chances of success are slim.

There are other big bingo operators who may post chat manager vacancies on their own company websites. However, most of the time these vacancies are in-house, meaning you have to be in the office or at least in the immediate area in order to be considered for a role.

Tips & Advice

If you are determined to apply for a chat host job, then my advice would be to have your covering letter and CV ready. Keep both as simple as possible and highlight all of the skills and experiences relevant to the role.

Chat host managers aren't going to be interested in how many cats you have, or that you're a full time mum looking for work that fits around school hours. They're going to want to know if you are computer literate, if you have any experience with bingo and if you are going to be reliable and available to work whenever needed. So make sure you focus on these three areas in your application.

Part of a chat host's role is to offer support to players in the chat rooms. So if you can demonstrate customer support skills and a knowledge of the site or software you are applying to, this will be to your advantage. Know how to use word and excel? Mention it! Chat hosts may be required to keep track of chat game winners or send in reports after each shift.

What is your set up like at home? A chat host manager will want to know if you have fast internet and a capable computer. Even better if you have a back-up computer or somewhere else you can work from should the worst happen, will make you seem a more reliable candidate.

Last but not least, if you know what site the job is for, play there and learn as much as you can about it. If you only have the company name to go on, Google them and find out what brands they own. When I started out as manager of the free bingo website, my boss later told me that I was one of the only candidates who bothered to play at the site, and indeed I played on it the most (I wasn't even aware they could monitor this). So when I came to interview this put me at an advantage over the others.

Chat host jobs at Tombola

The chat host team at tombola all work from home, but they have their training at the tombola HQ in Sunderland and must be from the surrounding area so that they can come into the office when required.

If vacancies become available you will find them on the tombola careers page.

Chat Host Jobs at Gamesys

Gamesys have an in-house chat team through their subsiduary company, Mice & Dice Ltd. Their office is based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, and all chat hosts are based in the building (when not WFH due to COVID).

If any vacancies are available you will find them on the Gamesys careers page.

Chat Host Jobs at Playtech Virtue Fusion

Playtech's Virtue Fusion platform powers many of the more well-known bingo brands in the UK, and as such they have a lot of chat hosting to cater for. They do hire some UK remote chat hosts, but recently we have heard about UK based hosts being made redundant and jobs being outsourced to the Phillipines.

Virtue Fusion rarely advertise CM positions on account of them being able to easily find new hosts through recommendations by existing staff. However, if you wish to contact them to add your CV to the pile, you can try careers@virtuefusion.com.

Chat Host Jobs at Pragmatic Play Bingo

The Pragmatic Play bingo network is the newest bingo provider to launch in recent years, but up until recently I haven't noticed a lot of chat host activity going on in the rooms. This is probably because many of the sites using this software are casino sites, and you could argue the demand for chat is lower than a true bingo brand.

However, when PlayOJO Bingo launched in August 2020 I noticed their bingo rooms were hosted, and with more dedicated bingo brands now running on the software it appears they are starting to build up their chat host operations.

When I reached out to Pragmatic to find out more I was told that the CM team are based in-house at Pragmatic Play's Bucharest office and that they are continuing to grow the team and recruiting. I would assume that unless you live in Romania you're probably not going to get an opportunity to work for this particular network.

Chat Host Jobs at Electraworks Bingo

Foxy Bingo is part of the Electraworks bingo network along with a few other sites owned by parent company, Entain. They have their own chat team but I believe these are all based in the Phillipines (or certainly ones I've spoken to recently said they were).

So again, the chances of getting a remote bingo hosting job with this company is pretty slim - unless of course you're from the Phillipines.