£5 Deposit Bingo Sites

£5 Deposit Bingo sites

Playing bingo on a budget?

Online bingo has traditionally been a low-stakes game, and pretty much every new player signup bonuses can be activated with a first deposit of £10.

But what if you want to only deposit £5? Well, luckily there are a handful of sites out there that do have some dedicated £5 bingo offers.

£5 Bingo Offers

Below you will find our list of the £5 signup offers for UK bingo sites I could get my hands on.

Be sure to read the key T&Cs below each offer and make a note of any special promo codes you'll need to use when depositing to get the bonuses. Good luck!

Bingo Sites that accept £5 deposits & Redeposits

All of the sites above have specific welcome offers tailored for a £5 first deposit. However, there are many more bingo sites where you can deposit (and redeposit) as little as a fiver - it's just not all of them will be enough to trigger some kind of bingo bonus.

All of the sites listed below don't have a special deal, but will allow you to deposit as low as £5 at any time. This usually also means you can withdraw as little as £5 too, but check each site for details as it may not be the case for everyone.

Are £5 Deposit Bingo Sites More Trustworthy?

All online bingo sites exist to make money for their owners. Some owners choose to maximise the amount of money they can make by putting certain restrictions in place, one of which is to have a minimum deposit of £10 so that players have no choice other than depositing at least that amount they want to join a new bingo site.

If a £5 deposit was allowed, then the site could potentially earn less money than if they kept the minimum at £10.

This is why whenever I see a bingo site that allows players to deposit as little as £5, it is a sign that the site isn't just chasing the money and recognises that many players don't have huge amounts of disposable income to spend. Automatically I just trust the site that little bit more if I can deposit a fiver instead of just £10.

However, that's not to say there aren't trustworthy sites out there that don't allow fiver deposits. For example, the minimum deposit amount at tombola is £10, but they are one of the safest brands out there (if not the safest).

Why do some sites not allow £5 deposits?

Bingo operators have got all sorts of costs associated with handling payments from players, so each time a deposit or withdrawal is made, the bingo site potentially has a fee to pay to whatever payment processor it is using.

If deposits are restricted to £10 or more, then they are potentially saving on fees that could be due to them if their players kept depositing lots of small amounts rather than fewer large amounts. That is one potential reason.

Another reason could be simply that by putting £10 as the minimum they are increasing the likelihood of players putting more money in, and therefore increasing the potential profits of the bingo operator.

Playing bingo on a £5 budget

If you're here researching sites that have £5 offers, then you're obviously keen not to spend more than you can afford. This is why I recommend in addition to your £5 deposits, be sure to look out for the safer gambling tools available at each of the sites, such as deposit limits and stake limits.

Not every site will have both these tools, but all will definitely have deposit limits because it is required by law.

Deposit Limit Tool
Deposit limit settings at tombola

Penny Bingo & Free Bingo Games

You can also make your money go further by sticking to rooms with penny bingo. Most sites will have at least one bingo room where tickets cost 1p and many will have free bingo too.

You can find a list of free bingo games available right now from our No Deposit Bingo page.

Choose Your Own Stakes Bingo

Another tactic is to play bingo rooms with variable ticket prices. This is where everyone plays with one ticket, but you choose the stake you are most comfortable with.

In these kind of games, the prize money changes according to how much you choose to spend. For example, on the new Fluffy Favourites Bingo (Entain version) that is available at Foxy Bingo, you can choose to spend either 2p, 4p, 10p, 20p or £1 on the ticket. If you chose 2p and win, you would get a smaller prize than a player who chose £1 and won.

Here are just some of the bingo games out there with choose your own stakes option:


What are the best bingo sites with a £5 deposit?

From the list of £5 bingo sites on this page, I would have to say Kitty Bingo. It's the only one from my list on Playtech software, which is much better than Dragonfish in my opinion, which powers all the others.

Which bingo sites have a £5 minimum deposit?

There are quite a few online bingo sites that will now accept £5 deposits. Scroll up to find our list of bingo sites that accept fiver deposits.

Is it better to deposit £5 or £10 on online bingo?

The only difference would be the amount of welcome bonus you get, which sometimes is bigger if you put in larger first deposit. This isn't always the case though so just make sure you check the key T&Cs alongside each offer.