Wayne's Buzz Bingo Review

Buzz Bingo is one of my favourite online bingo sites who sit at #2 in my personal top 10 best bingo sites.

Now that I actually work for Buzz Bingo (in August I was asked to cover a 12 month maternity leave for someone on their online bingo team) I'll be able to let you know all the latest Buzz news, including new features that I have personally managed, such as their new and improved Session Bingo.

The review below was written before I joined Buzz, so there is no bias here and going forward I will continue to be open and honest with my reviews. Buzz have been supportive in allowing me to continue this site in my spare time while working for them, which is great.

Buzz Bingo has only been around since 2018, but in that time they've already picked up loads of awards including Best New Site (WhichBingo & BingoPort Awards 2019) and Best Bingo Site (WhichBingo Awards 2020). They're also the largest retail bingo operator in the UK, so no-one knows bingo like these guys.

Buzz Bingo sits on the Playtech (aka Virtuefusion) platform and so if you've played at any of the major Playtech sites it should all feel very familiar. As well as most of the best Playtech variants, Buzz also has a few exclusive bingo rooms such as Buzz Bingo Blast (36 ball variant) and The Voice UK Bingo (80 ball variant).

Bingo Games Available

Here is a list of all the different varieties of online bingo available at this site:

Bingo Games Available

Bingo Clubs

Buzz Bingo has 91 bingo clubs across the UK, and although the website is mainly geared up for online bingo play, there is a section just for club information. Simply click on 'club' in the main menu and then use the search box or A-Z to find your local Buzz Bingo hall.

Each local Buzz Bingo club has it's own page with all the info you may need such as opening times, contact numbers, menus, bingo times and ticket prices. If you are a member of a local Buzz club you can sign in to your online account using your Buzz membership card. Winnings from online can be spent in-club, and vice versa.

How to find the bingo games

Once you're logged in, the homepage shows a few bingo games but mostly it will be slot games on the screen. To see all the bingo rooms click on the big 'Play Bingo Now' button which opens up the main bingo lobby or you can also select 'bingo' from the main menu. This doesn't open the lobby, but a page with info on all the bingo games, including Bingo Millions. Because Bingo Millions is not a Playtech product, it doesn't appear in the main bingo lobby.

Once in the lobby you'll see a list of all the bingo games which you can filter by name / time to next game. You can also select sub-categories such as exclusive, 90 ball, 80/75 ball, Specials and All Winners. All Winners is a specific bingo room that plays every day, but you can't buy tickets, you have to win them elsewhere (more info further in this review).

If you see any rooms described as 'Buzz Hot Pick' this is just them trying to encourage you to play in one of their exclusive or standalone rooms. Any rooms which have a special feature will show an info icon next to the play button, tap this to read more about that particular room and what makes it special.

How to make a deposit at Buzz Bingo

If you're on the desktop version of Buzz Bingo's website, you can find a 'Quick Deposit' button in the top right corner. You can use this to make a deposit but it only really gives you the option to deposit via the same method that you used previously. It is better to get to the main deposit screen, which you can only really do from within the main bingo lobby.

If you're on the mobile version of the bingo lobby, you will see your account balance in the top right. Tap this and a dropdown will appear with a bunch of options you can choose from, one of which is Deposit. Tap this to open up the deposit screen, which gives you the option to deposit via:

  • PayPal
  • Debit Card
  • Paysafecard (on desktop site only)

On the desktop version of the lobby there is a button at the top which says 'Deposit', but this is in fact the same 'Quick Deposit' feature I mentioned earlier. To get to the main deposit screen click on Menu > Deposit.

Please note that only PayPal accounts in your name can be used as a valid deposit method, due to anti-money laundering rules.

The minimum deposit amount at Buzz Bingo is £5.

How to withdraw

To withdraw you first need to get to the 'My Account' section. If you're on mobile, the only way to get to this is via the bingo lobby, so make sure you click 'play bingo now' to get there first. Once you're in the lobby click on the top right where your balance is displayed. A dropdown then appears with 'Withdraw' as one of the options. Click this.

On desktop you don't have to be in the bingo lobby to find the My Account section. Simply click the little icon in the top right which is next to the envelope. You will then see a pretty large 'Withdraw' button which is hard to miss.

Once you're on the withdrawal screen it will show your confirmed payment methods, as you can only withdraw to an account which you have previously used to deposit. It also says withdrawals can take between 2-5 working days to show in your bank, but in my experience it is usually quicker than this. I think Buzz are just covering their backs on this one.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is £5.

Free Bingo at Buzz

Buzz Bingo is one of the best sites when it comes to regular free bingo promotions. There is a dedicated Free Bingo Room that is open every day from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

The room offers games that are 'Free or Superbooks' which basically means you can always get tickets for free, but you can also choose to purchase superbooks tickets instead. These don't give you more chance to win the game, but instead make the prize money increase.

So for example, in the last game I played in this room the full house prize for free bingo was £2 but the prize if I had bought superbooks would have been £24.

Win Roger's Winnings

Back when I was working for WhichBingo I helped come up with a special live-stream bingo show which was hosted by my friend and colleague, Roger Knowles. We had great fun doing the live shows, which featured Roger attempting to win as much as he could in an hour, and then giving away all his winnings to one lucky viewer.

These shows got Roger noticed by Buzz, who duly offered him a job to do almost exactly the same show for them! So now Roger has become Buzz Bingo's own in-house livestreamer, doing regular live streams on the Buzz Facebook page and YouTube channel every Wednesday at 8.00pm.

The 'Win Roger's Winnings' format has been expanded to include other competitions, battles between chat stars and regular bonus code giveaways. It is 100% worth tuning in every Wednesday just for the free bonuses.

What is Buzzone?

If you join one of Roger's livestreams you may find the players joking with him about "Buzzone". This has become a sort of in-joke between Roger and the roomies after one of his first live shows he didn't pronounce the bonus code properly. It should have been pronounced "buzz one", but Roger kept saying it as "Buzz zone".

The gaff has since sprung it's own section on the site called Buzzone, which is now a community-based blog section where Buzz Bingo can share stories about Roger, the chat stars and various goings on of interest at the local Buzz Bingo halls. You can't find it from the main menu but look closely on the homepage and you should be able to find a link to it somewhere.

All Winners Room

Buzz Bingo has a couple of special bingo rooms called 'All Winners Daily' and 'All Winners Weekly'. In these rooms you cannot buy bingo tickets, you must earn them by claiming bingo in one of the special All Winners bingo games that take place every day in selected rooms.

Look out for the All Winners feature icon on selected games taking place in the following rooms:

  • Value Room
  • Roll On Room
  • Buzz Club Room

If a game has the symbol on it, the feature is active and you'll get 6 tickets to the All Winners daily game and 6 to the All Winners weekly games (as well as your cash prize) every time you win 1 line, 2 lines or full house. If you go to the All Winners area in the bingo lobby you can see how many tickets you have and the time to the next game.

Once you have got tickets to these rooms, the All Winners Daily Game plays just one round of bingo at 8.00pm. The All Winners Weekly Game plays at 10pm on Saturdays, with three games in total. Prize money for these games ranges from £10-£25 for 1 line, £15-£50 for 2 lines and £75 - £200 for a full house.

Visit the Buzz Bingo promotions page for all the details, terms & conditions, etc as some details may have changed since the time of writing.

Slots Tournaments

In addition to a slots and casino section, Buzz Bingo also has a section called 'Tournaments'. Here you can join in slot tournaments, competing against other players to climb a leaderboard and win additional cash and free spin prizes.

Slot tournaments are available every Wednesday from midday to midnight (one tournament every hour), although there is also a weekly tournament that is open for several days. Each tournament is usually played in a specific slot game, although the weekly game may have multiple slot titles in which you can take part.

When an hourly tournament begins, you basically have one hour to do a maximum 200 spins in the selected slot game. Every time you get a winning spin, you earn points which moves you up the tournament leaderboard. Once you've done your 200 spins simply check the leaderboard to see where you rank. If you end up in the top 10 when the tournament has finished you will win a prize.

There are usually cash prizes for 1st - 3rd place and free spins awarded for those finishing 4th - 10th.

To play in one of these tournaments, click on the big image to go to the individual tournament page for that event. Click the 'Join' button and then head to that specific game. There should be an image of the game above the leaderboard which when clicked will take you straight there.

If you've done this correctly, there will be an icon in the top right which will say 'Active' to inform you the tournament is in play. There is also a number which shows your position in the leaderboard. You can also click the icon to see the entire leaderboard positions.

How slot tournament points are calculated

It isn't immediately obvious how points are calculated but if you look closely at the tournament T&Cs you will find that they simply multiply your win ratio by 100 to give your points total. So for example, if you do a 10p spin and then win 50p, that is a x5 ratio. 5 x 100 = 500 points. If you do a £1 spin and win £5, that is also a x5 ratio and so would also earn 500 points.

It therefore doesn't really matter what value you do your spins at, so my advice is to play the tournaments always on the lowest value spin the game allows.

There are also special 'Points Boosts' that are applied if you get a ratio of x10 or x25 your stake. If you get a x10 win, you get an extra 1,000 points boost. If you get a x25 win, you get an extra 2,500 points boost. !

Does Buzz Bingo have an app?

There is an app for Android devices available on the Google Play Store, but last time I checked the Apple App Store I couldn't find an app available. There was an app called Bingo Buddy from Buzz Group Limited, but this is just something that helps locate your nearest bingo hall and get info from the clubs.

As with most bingo sites these days, you don't really need to use an app as the site works perfectly fine whether you go there via your phone or tablet or not.

How to contact Buzz Bingo

Live chat is open from 10am - 10pm, 7 days a week. Just login in tap the 'chat' button in the bottom right.

If you do email them, make sure you include:

  • Membership number (if you have one)
  • Full name
  • DOB
  • Full address
  • Contact number

You can also write to them at Customer Services, Buzz Bingo, New Castle House, Castle Boulevard, Nottingham, NG& 1FT.

Who owns Buzz Bingo?

Buzz Bingo is owned by a UK based company known as Buzz Group Limited. As well as the online site they also run the UK's largest chain of bingo halls, with 91 sites throughout the UK.

Previously the company was known as Gala Leisure and the bingo halls it operated were under the Gala Bingo name. However, in 2015 the owners Gala Coral sold to GVC and although part of that deal included the sale of the Gala Bingo website, it did not include the land-based Gala Bingo halls.

Gala Leisure continued to operate the Gala halls under the old name until they rebranded as Buzz Bingo in 2018, after which they also launched the Buzz Bingo website.