90 Ball Bingo
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90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is your standard UK bingo game, and one you are probably the most familiar with.

Each 90 ball bingo game is usually played for three prizes, although there are some variations that may miss out one or two of these possibilities, such as playing directly for a full house.

  • One line
  • Two lines
  • Full house

Every bingo site in the UK will have at least one 90 ball room, if not more. They may look slightly different depending on the site, but the basic design of the tickets and how it all works should be exactly the same.


In a traditional bingo hall, players play with a single strip which is made up of six tickets. Each ticket has three horizontal rows (or lines) with 5 numbers on each (15 per ticket). In online bingo, games can be played with any number of tickets, given the games will automatically dab for you by default.

All of the numbers 1 to 90 will be found somewhere across the six tickets, with the first column displaying numbers 1-9, second column 10-19, third column 20-29 and so on.

90 ball bingo ticket
Typical 90 ball bingo strip of 6 tickets

How to play

In most online bingo games, all you have to do is buy the tickets and that's it. The game will countdown, and once it begins and numbers are called, it will automatically mark your tickets for you. What's more, the games will usually automatically sort your best tickets to the top of the screen, and display how many numbers you are away from winning.

This will usually appear on the ticket as a number with TG next to it, which means 'To Go'. For example, 2TG means you are 2 'to go' = 2 numbers away from winning.

Playing for one line

Most 90 ball games begin with players competing to be the first to get a single row (or line) of 5 numbers across on any single ticket. If you are the first players to get 5 numbers along the same row (or line), then you win!

Winners names are usually displayed prominently on screen when they win, along with the prize money. However, the money won't usually appear in your account balance until the end of the full game.

One Line Bingo Ticket
This ticket is 2TG from winning on 1 line

Playing for two lines

Once there is a winner for one line, the game will pick up again and continue until someone has marked two full rows (or lines) totalling 10 numbers. The prize money will be a little bigger than the one line prize.

On the ticket below I only need 58 and 26 to win on two lines, therefore the display says 2TG at the side.

Two Lines Bingo Ticket
This ticket is 2TG from winning on 2 lines

Playing for a full house

Once two lines has been won, it is time for a full house. This is basically three full rows (or lines) across totalling 15 numbers. Essentially, it means marking every number on a single ticket.

As it is harder to win full house, the prize here will be the biggest of the lot. If you can get anywhere near 1TG on a full house game you have done very well!

Full House Bingo Ticket
This ticket is 4TG from winning a full house

How to win at 90 ball bingo

In regards to strategy, there isn't much you can do to increase your chances of winning other than buying as many tickets as you can. However, I usually advise against this as you can spend a lot of money doing this at some sites, and there is no guarantee you are going to win by doing this.

Your best bet if you want to play smart, is to try rooms that have a low number of players, and even better a fair-and-square bingo room, where ticket numbers are restricted so that every player has the same amount. Best Odds Bingo at Mecca and the Equaliser at PlayOJO are just two examples of such rooms.

90 Ball Bingo Variants

There are loads of different types of 90 ball bingo games that have been developed over the years that add unique features, tweaks and bonus games to the regular 90 ball experience.

Here are some interesting 90 ball varieties you may wish to try:

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