Betfred Bingo Review

Betfred is one of the UK's most well known bookmakers, and obviously in addition to all the usual betting, poker and casino sections, they have a dedicated section just for online bingo too.

Although I'm a member of a number of sports betting sites, I usually shy away from the bingo on them as they're often just an afterthought and stuck right on the end of the navigation. Betfred is similar in that if you go to their mobile site at least, you have to swipe across the top before you even see the link to bingo.

However, just because the bingo is hidden away at the back doesn't mean there isn't some decent games to be had, so I decided to have my first proper closer look at Betfred Bingo this week.

What does Betfred Bingo have then?

Ok so the first thing to notice is that the bingo here is provided by Playtech / VirtueFusion software. This is the same bingo platform that a number of the best sites are using, such as Buzz Bingo, Sun Bingo and Mecca.

So if you've played at any of those sites, you'll see a larger number of recognisable games and indeed because the sites are all networked, what you have is essentially the very same games as you get on the other big bingo brands. Games such as:

While Betfred have chosen a number of these Playtech network special bingo rooms, they appear to be missing the networks most popular Deal or No Deal Bingo rooms, which seems a bit odd.

If you visit the site from mobile it opens up on the 90 ball tab by default, so you won't see all the other 75/80 ball games they have available unless you swipe across and select 'all'.

Betfred Bingo mobile lobby
Betfred Bingo's mobile lobby

Betfred Bingo Exclusives

Going through the list of bingo rooms there isn't a noticable number of exclusive bingo variants like you would perhaps find at the dedicated bingo brands mentioned earlier, but they do have a room called the Mystery Room which is tagged as an exclusive.

Another room, named the Betfred Bunker, you would think is exclusive but actually it's the main Playtech network 90 ball room that you get on all the other sites.

However, they do have an exclusive newbies room called the Rookie Room. New players can access this room for 10 days after the 'creation of their chat name' (i.e. from when you go into any bingo room for the first time). It's open for an hour at midday and then again at 7pm each day. I had a go and there were small prizes of £2 to £8 which paid out as bingo bonus, not cash.

The other exclusive they have is Session Bingo, which is usually something only the bigger brands tend to go for. Session prices are pretty good too, with all sessions priced at either £3 or £5:

  • 10am Morning Session: £3 entry / £139.50 in prizes
  • 2pm Afternoon Session: £5 entry / £165 in prizes
  • 7pm Evening Session: £5 entry / £206 in prizes
  • 11pm Night Session: £3 entry / £111.25 in prizes

In 2022 they added a genuinely unique bingo variant called Giddy Up Bingo which is a 50 ball game themed on horseracing.

Bingo Games Available

Here is a list of all the different varieties of online bingo available at this site:

Bingo Games Available

Betfred Bingo Contact Details

Betfred Bingo app error messages

On multiple occasions during testing of the site, I was met by an error screen which read:

"Sadly the Betfred Bingo app is no longer available. The good news? We've made the decision to remove this app in order to focus on delivering a better experience across all of our products, meaning everything you love about Betfred is available in one handy place."

It then has a big button to 'go to' at the bottom, which returned me to the site. It seems you get this any time you get timed out for inactivity or when you log out.

To be honest it got a bit annoying the amount of times I was taken to this error page. If anyone from Betfred is reading this I advise you to do something about this page as it's annoying as hell. Once it's gone let me know and I'll remove this bit from my review!