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Housey Bingo

What is Housey Bingo?

Housey is a 52-ball bingo game that uses playing cards instead of numbers. It's essentially Playtech's answer to the super-popular tombola classic, CINCO, but unfortunately it does not come anywhere close in terms of game experience.

I'll explain why I feel this way in a future update, but for now here's how the game works.

How to play

Each bingo ticket is a set of 5 randomly selected playing cards. The cards will appear face down until you've bought them, at which they'll reveal their values, e.g. King of Spades, 4 of diamonds, etc.

When the game begins, cards are called and if they match any of your cards a casino chip will be placed on the card to indicate that it has been marked. The game is played for a full house only, which is the first player to get all 5 cards in a row.

Housey Bingo
6 or 9 of diamonds would give me a house here (it didn't)

Ticket prices

Housey is a multi-price bingo game, which means you can choose what price to pay for your tickets and the prize money will change accordingly. When I last played the game you could choose from 5p, 10p, 20p, 30p and 40p tickets, with a maximum 5 tickets. This means the most I could spend was £2 - co-incidentally the same as on tombola CINCO.


Housey is played for a single full house prize, but there is also a progressive jackpot for claiming bingo within 6 calls. This is seeded at £500 and pays out 50% to the full house winner and 50% to the community if it is triggered. 2% of all stakes go into this progressive on every game.

Housey winning moment
Housey winning moment

Which bingo sites have Housey?

Housey is exclusive to the Playtech network but not every site has chosen to make Housey available. It can be found on the following brands:

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