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Meet WayneBingo

Hi, my name is Wayne Howe and I’ve been playing and writing about online bingo since 2006.

In the early years I cut my bingo teeth as manager of the popular free-to-play bingo community, FreeBingo UK and later I went on to become Head of Projects for the UK’s leading reviews site, WhichBingo.

When WhichBingo was sold to Israeli firm XLMedia Plc back in 2018, I set up my own business, Howe Gaming, which was quickly hired to help the new owners of WhichBingo get to grips with the site and the nuances of the UK online bingo market. However, I always had the ambition to run my own affiliate site, and so in 2020 I decided to cut ties with WhichBingo and go it alone.

Little did I know the world was about to change due to COVID-19, and my plan to launch a competitor to WhichBingo would suddenly take a lot longer than planned.


How About Bingo: The Journey So Far

I started working on building the site back in February 2020. I had already bought the domain name www.howaboutbingo.com over a year earlier, but while I was working with WhichBingo it was a conflict of interest so I never did anything with it.

I’ve had to design and build the website myself, despite having no formal web design training! Lots of YouTube videos watched to figure out exactly how I can build a quality site, that looks good and is easy for one man to keep updated. It has been a big challenge but one I have enjoyed doing. It has been a lot of long nights, weekends and grabbing some time on the computer whenever the baby has a nap!

I’ve also had to do it while balancing a second project, The BingoData Report. This is a B2B venture I have set up to monitor player numbers at the top UK bingo sites, with a quarterly report which I hope to sell to the operators. The revenue from that is allowing me to continue working on my true passion, HowAbout Bingo.

I know it will take a year or two before this site makes more money than it costs to run, but I just love doing it. 🙂

Nine months in to running this site and I’m happy to report I’ve made my first commission! £210 from Gamesys for generating a few players for Jackpotjoy and their new brand, Double Bubble Bingo. However, the biggest benefit to me has been how the site has helped raise my profile to a point I am now picking up more work doing consultancy for bingo operators

I did a few months working for Palatial Leisure (owners of Bingo Britain) looking after their social media, emails and digital marketing. Then after that, I picked up some research work with Buzz Bingo, covering maternity leave within the bingo team, which then turned into a full time role. All this has meant I’ve had less time to dedicate to the site as I would like, but I simply couldn’t turn down this fantastic opportunity to work with Buzz.

They’ve been really supportive and have no problem with me continuing with HowAbout Bingo, but my daily focus is now Buzz so I don’t update this site as often as I would otherwise. A lot of what I wrote for this site before I joined Buzz is still accurate and relevant, so it’s not too much of an issue.

The Personal Touch

Right from the beginning my plan was to build this site around me, and to be a real and visible face on the site, giving my honest appraisals of the latest bingo sites, games and news. The name ‘How About’ is a direct play on words from my surname ‘Howe’ if you hadn’t worked that one out already!

Months before the site was live, I experimented with some video content via my YouTube channel. These went better than I thought, and so I’ve continued to do them even though the site wasn’t ready, just to keep my face known and have a bunch of content ready when the site does go live.

I think this content is in part why I got noticed by Buzz, so I’ve not really done any more videos since I joined them. It’s just that my loyalties lie with Buzz Bingo now that it doesn’t feel right going on camera and recommending anyone else.

Why How About Bingo Is Different

How About Bingo is an affiliate site. This means I may receive a commission, referral fee or share of profits (i.e. your losses) if you join a site and deposit via one of my tracking links. All review sites have this business model, but rarely are they honest enough to tell you about it or show you any sites that they don’t have an affiliate deal with. In fact, they’ll actively hide sites from you, if that site won’t make them any money. Either that or they’ll attempt to trick you in some way to choose another brand if you happen to stumble across it’s review page.


Sky Bingo are one of the biggest bingo brands in the UK. However, they also have no affiliate program, meaning review sites get no money by recommending them to players. I challenge you to visit as many bingo review sites as you can and look for Sky Bingo. Use their search boxes, browse their A-Z lists of sites. I promise you will find it very difficult to find, and even if you do find a Sky Bingo review page, see if you can find a button that lets you click out to it!

Now go and look for Sky Bingo on this site. See the difference?

We List Sites That Others Don’t

I’ll tell you which sites I think are the best, and why. Then later, if I can get an affiliate link and get paid for referring players to those top sites, then great. If not, I’ll still tell you they’re great and I’ll still link to them so you can go directly to them. You can tell which links are affiliate links because there will be a star icon ⭐ alongside them.

My promise is to always be open and honest about which sites are best, which I have an affiliate relationship with and which sites you should avoid. In return, I hope that you’ll continue to visit HowAbout Bingo first for all your online bingo needs. This way in the long term I will earn enough money to continue doing what I love; playing and writing about online bingo.

Best of luck to you. Wayne.

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