What is Double Bubble Bingo?

Double Bubble is a popular slot game over on the Gamesys bingo sites and it seems they're now planning on cashing in on that popularity by launching a new bingo site based around this title.

The site only went live on 2nd August 2021 so I'll be back with a full review ASAP.

The site is being advertised as a 'rebrand' of Heart Bingo, which means you can login to Double Bubble Bingo using your existing Heart Bingo account details if you have one. It's not really a rebrand of Heart though, more that Gamesys simply own all the player accounts so they've made a new brand for players to go to so they can continue playing all their favourite games.

What rooms are available at Double Bubble Bingo?

A quick glance shows all the rooms that were on the old Heart Bingo are here at Double Bubble:

There is also a brand new bingo room called Bubble Up Bingo that has been launched to co-incide with the new site, which gives players a chance to double up their prize if they win on a double number (e.g. 11, 22, 33, etc). It also has a super 7 jackpot which is won if you claim full house on number 7.

Bingo Games Available

Here is a list of all the different varieties of online bingo available at this site:

Bingo Games Available

Double Bubble Bingo Contact Details

Double Bubble Bingo downtime January 2022

On January 10th & 11th 2022, the site went offline for more than 24 hours leaving many players wondering what was going on and whether they could access their money or not. All players got was a holding page saying 'Back in a bit' and apologising for the downtime.

When the site returned, it was revealed there had been some sort of power outage, presumably where their servers are located - in which instance it would have been physically impossible to get the site back online until power was restored. A proper nightmare for the team at Gamesys I am sure!

If you are one of the affected players, here are some of the FAQs they have published about the downtime:

What happens to my Daily Free Game picks?  
We’re really sorry to hear that you were unable to play your Daily Free Game picks on 10th January and our teams are looking into this. Rest assured; you’ll still be able to play your picks for today, best of luck!  

Will this impact my withdrawals?
All withdrawals were processed correctly within our 4–24 hour timeframe. Please just allow your payment provider time to clear these funds on their side, which is usually within 3 working days. You can double-check the progress of your withdrawals via Menu > My Account > History > Payment History.

How do I know if my Slot games have completed successfully?
All games will have played through on our secure servers that were not affected by the power outage. This means that they should have been able to complete successfully. You can double-check this via Menu > My Account > History > Game History.  

If the round is showing as incomplete, you should be able to resume your spin by simply re-entering the game.  

How will this impact my pre-bought Bingo tickets?  
All games up until 10:10am on 11th January will have played through successfully and any winnings will have been credited to your account automatically. You can review this via Menu > My Account > History > Game History. Any games that took place after the above time will be refunded in due course.

Are my details secure?
Please rest assured all personal details remained secure at all times.  

How will this impact any promotions I was due?
Please allow up to 24 hours for all promotions to be paid out. We'll notify you as soon as it has been credited.