Crystal Maze Bingo

What Is The Crystal Maze Bingo?

The Crystal Maze Bingo is a 90-ball bingo game with absolutely no redeeming features other than it looks a bit like the Crystal Maze TV show. The game is an exclusive title for Gamesys sites.

When it was first released on Jackpotjoy in 2019, it had a fun ‘Crystal Dome’ feature game that played after every full house, but for some reason that has been removed. It is now just a normal 90-ball game with nothing really special about it other than the design of the room changes every now and then.

Crystal Maze Bingo in Industrial Zone

Why Did They Remove The Crystal Dome Feature?

I’ve no idea, but this isn’t the first time they’ve removed a really cool feature from one of their bingo rooms. I recently reviewed their Game Show Bingo game only to find all of the cool mini-games that made that game so interesting were no longer there.

The Crystal Dome feature used to play a the end after full house had been won. All players who had bought 6 or more tickets qualified for the game which featured gold and silver tickets flying around in the dome, and the players had to click as many gold tickets as they could before the 30 seconds runs out.

Any silver tickets got deducted from the total and if you got 25 or more gold tickets you won a free bingo ticket to the next game. If you did even better you could win more tickets for getting 40, 70 or 100 gold tickets. There was also a community score involved which meant all players combined needed to get 250 gold tickets to win one free ticket to the next game. All very fun and interesting you would agree.

So What Is Unique About This Game Now?

Well, all of the other things that went into this room are still there, so that means the Crystal Maze theme music and four zones:

  • Aztec
  • Medieval
  • Industrial
  • Futuristic

Before the start of each game, a zone is randomly selected and the background changes to match that particular zone. Other than that, the game appears to be just a standard 90-ball bingo game.

Before the game begins one of these four zones is selected

Super Jackpot

The game does have a progressive ‘Super Jackpot’ which pays out if you can claim bingo within 38 calls, but that in itself is not a reason to play this game.

Where Can I Play Crystal Maze Bingo?

This game is exclusive to Gamesys which means you can find it on the following sites:

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