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Which Bingo sites are the best in 2022?

Best Bingo Sites of 2022

For me the best bingo sites are those who are fair to players with cashouts and wagering, and those who put the effort into innovating with new games, features and promotions. There are a lot of Playtech sites in this list, but each offer something slightly different which I like, so they're all there on merit.

In addition to my personal selection, you can also check out the official bingo rankings according to The BingoData Report, which show who is the most popular according to average player numbers.

If you can't find a site you like from my list, check out the bingo sites A-Z which has all the sites I've reviewed to date.


I absolutely love tombola for many reasons.

Not only are they 'Britain's Biggest Bingo Site', but they are also dedicated to fair play and game designs that are simple and easy to use. You can't spend more than £2 on any one game, and they've games as low as 1p.

They're a perfect place for beginners to start out due to the simple layout and lack of complicated side games and other settings that can be found elsewhere.

Check out our tombola review which goes into more depth with features on some of my favourite tombola games.


When I'm not playing at tombola, I tend to go on Playtech sites. Mainly because they have a few exclusive games that I quite like, specifically the Deal or No Deal Bingo 90 & 75 ball games.

Buzz Bingo is the newest site to launch on Playtech, and chances are you'll know of them as they have a number of bingo halls up and down the country. They're bingo people at heart, and that high street presence is felt online in the way they operate.

In 2022 they launched 'Live Bingo' which now plays every night from 7pm-10pm in the Buzz Club Room. Live Bingo features real live presenters on camera, who supplement the bingo with extra games that are all linked directly to what's happening in the game. For example, over Christmas they play a game called 'All I Want For Xmas Is 2' and whenever the number 2 is called, the next line winner gets invited to pick a present, behind which lies a hidden prize from £5 to £100.

It's just one of many fantastic extra games and we highly recommend giving them a try. Buzz Bingo review.


Mecca Bingo are a giant amongst bingo sites, second only to tombola and easily the most popular brand on Playtech by sheer player numbers.

So why aren't they higher in my list? Well, to be honest it's more down to how they market the site in their advertising and promotions.

I'm a man and much of what they put out in advertising, such as celebrity features and so forth, is targeted more at the ladies. I can't stand all that reality TV crowd and it's just everwhere you turn on Mecca, and it puts me off a bit. But if you like that kind of thing, it could be the site for you!

They've got more bingo rooms and exclusive games than any other site on Playtech, including a few exclusives such as Britain's Got Talent Bingo & B.O.B (Best Odds Bingo).

Find out more in our Mecca Bingo review.


Gala Bingo come in just behind Mecca in the overall popularity stakes, but in reality there isn't a huge deal of difference between them, other than the exclusive games they each own. If you like your soap operas, then you may enjoy their Coronation Street and Emmerdale Bingo games (the latter of which can now be found in the TV Specials Room).

In 2021 Gala moved to Entain's network so now it has games shared with Ladbrokes, Coral and Foxy Bingo. In 2022 they all combined in response to tombola's Biggest Bingo Game to offer their own £100k monthly prize. Unlike tombola, the Entain sites made theirs even more special by including 1L, 2L, FH, Roll On and 1TG prizes which combined make £100k.

They also attempted to do a 'Live Bingo' type experience in the latter part of the year, but clearly this did not have the real-time element that allows Buzz Bingo to create games that are linked directly to the bingo, so it was more like watching a daytime TV show.


I've always considered Jackpotjoy to be like a hybrid of tombola and Playtech, in that the games have the clean, minimalistic feel of tombola, but there is no £2 limit and you can play lots of the more recognisable slot games from providers such as NetEnt and Red Tiger.

Their bingo games are really nice, particularly on mobile, and there are a few cool unique games that add a bit extra, such as The Crystal Maze Bingo and Blox.

I'm also a fan of the daily free games, such as Rainbow Riches Daily Rainbows, which give you a little incentive to login each day and potentially win some free cash.

You can find out more on our Jackpotjoy review page.


Once upon a time, Foxy Bingo was one of the biggest bingo brands in the UK. They were constantly on TV and the name because synonymous with online bingo. Whenever I told people what I did for a living, they would usually reply with "Do you work for Foxy Bingo?"

Back then Foxy was on Dragonfish software but following a few changes of ownership the brand is now owned by GVC, and has made the move to their Electraworks software.

The games are not as varied as you will find at tombola or Playtech. Most are 90 ball, with one or two 75, 80 and 30 ball rooms thrown in. There are a couple of special rooms in CashOut Bingo and Friends Bingo, but neither are that interesting (to me) to be fair.

However, there is a lot to like about Foxy and so it is one I do visit every now and then when my luck has run out elsewhere.

If you've tried tombola, Playtech and Gamesys and still haven't found the right site for you then I would say definitely give Foxy a go.


OK so you've probably guessed by now that I'm picking loads of Playtech sites here. Well, it's difficult to avoid them as it seems any big brand with serious marketing power opts for their platform.

Much like I do with Sky, I tend to play at Paddy Power Bingo when I cross over from their sportsbetting site. As it's one account for bingo and sports, it's easy to switch between the two and use your winnings from one in the other.

Another thing that keeps me coming back to Paddy Power is their 'Paddy's Rewards Club'. Half the time I'm not even aware of what promotions are going on, but I accidentally trigger a free spin bonus or access to a free bingo room.

I would say definitely give them a try and go and check out what promotions they've got on, as they're better than most in my experience.


There are loads and loads of Dragonfish bingo sites to choose from, but for me the very best one has to be Wink Bingo.

It's owned by 888 (who own Dragonfish) and so you can tell that the brand is getting a lot more attention and love than any other DF site. Costa Bingo comes a close second but for me it seems that Wink has a few more things that Costa does not, such as Bingo Roulette and live help.

Overall I think the design is much better and everything from the promotions to the loyalty point shop is just better laid out and easier to understand. So if you fancy giving Dragonfish software a try I recommend doing so at Wink Bingo first.


PlayOJO is mainly a casino site, and when they added Pragmatic Play's bingo product to the mix in August 2020 I wasn't expecting very much. But when I signed up to give it a try, I was actually really impressed.

Not only with what they've done with the bingo, but simply their overall offering to players as 'fair bingo'.

Getting all your winnings paid in cash with no wagering isn't new, but PlayOJO take it further with extra treats such as 10% money back on every bingo ticket, which again when you claim is paid in cash rather than bonus.

Incentives aside, the bingo rooms aren't anything special to report. They have 90, 75 and 80 ball bingo, plus a variant called Bingo Blast (which I'm still not too sure if I like) which are all networked.

They do have their own exclusive room called The Equaliser, which is basically just a fair-and-square room as all players can only have 20 tickets. That itself is not new, plenty of sites have fair-and-square rooms, but combined with all the other PlayOJO benefits make this one I'll definitely be coming back and playing again.

Check out our full PlayOJO Bingo review for more details.

Best Bingo Sites FAQ

What is the best bingo site to win on?

You can't say any particular site is the best to win on, because what determines your chances of winning is usually how many tickets you've bought and how many other players are taking part. If you want to maximise your chances of winning, the obvious thing to do is buy maximum tickets. However, this isn't always the most financially responsible option!

Many sites have fair-and-square bingo rooms, such as The Equaliser on PlayOJO or Best Odds Bingo on Mecca. Here all players are unable to buy more tickets than anyone else, so technically you have the same odds of winning as the rest. However, if the room has tons of players, then your chances are much lower.

How can I increase my chances of winning bingo?

As mentioned earlier, you can increase your chances by buying more tickets and playing in rooms with fair-and-square tickets. Another strategy you can try is sticking to rooms with less players. It's sometimes possible if you play in a quiet room and buy max tickets each time, you should technically have better odds of winning, but there are no guarantees.

Another good strategy is to keep an eye out for new bingo site launches. Sometimes when a new site opens, they will open an exclusive room with seeded jackpots to tempt players to join. If you get in early enough, you could find yourself playing for decent sized prizes but with little opposition players to beat you to them. Doesn't happen very often though I'm afraid, but I have been fortunate to take advantage of these promotions from time to time.

Which bingo site pays out the most?

I'm pretty sure the answer to this would be tombola. They have more players than anyone else, they have fair-and-square bingo in all their games and they even have games such as Hex where players can win back their stakes. I would be very surprised if they weren't awarding the most prize money of all sites, but there aren't many available stats to back up this claim.

If you're asking because you want to go and play where you have a better chance of winning, tombola may not be ideal because there are so many players there, you are sometimes competing with several hundred, sometimes thousand players for those prizes. So other, quieter sites may be a better option if all you care about is getting a payout.