Mystic Meg Bingo

What Is Mystic Meg Bingo?

Mystic Meg Bingo is a 50-ball bingo game where instead of bingo tickets, you see 10 floating zodiac icons. Ball Calls will be called as ping noises and the Mystic Meg icons will be displayed instead of the standard ball calls.

When a ball call is matched with a zodiac icon on your ticket, the zodiac icon will pop and disappear from the ticket display. The game is played for a full house, meaning the winner is the first player to have all 10 zodiac icons disappear.

Ticket Prices

Mystic Meg Bingo has a multi-price feature, meaning you can choose what stake to play with and the prize money will change accordingly. The price options are usually:

  • 25p
  • 50p
  • 75p
  • £1
  • £2

Mystic Meg’a Jackpots

There are 2 progressive jackpots available for Mystic Meg Bingo; the Mystic Meg’a Bingo Jackpot, and the Mini Meg’a Bingo Jackpot.

The Mini Meg’a Bingo Jackpot is won if full house is called within 19 balls. This jackpot is seeded at £200.

The Mystic Meg’a Bingo Jackpot is won if full house is called within 16 balls. This jackpot is seeded at £1500.

Both jackpots are split 100% between every player with a ticket in the winning game – proportionate to ticket cost.

Bingo Sites With Mystic Meg Bingo

Mystic Meg Bingo is only available at Sun Bingo and its sister site, Fabulous Bingo.

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