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Go Go Bingo

What is Go Go Bingo?

Go Go Bingo is an 80 ball bingo room available exclusively at BuzzBingo.com.

I know a lot about this game, as it is one of the projects I picked up when I started working for Buzz and I'm responsible for setting the schedule in this room, so I hope it goes down well with players!

It launches on 15th February 2022 and is themed on the 80 ball interval game of the same name that is played at all Buzz Bingo retail clubs in between the main sessions. If you're a member of Buzz retail clubs, you may recognise the caller in Go Go Bingo is the same that they use in the clubs.

How to play Go Go Bingo

The gameplay is essentially the same as any other on 80 ball bingo room on Playtech, but here the room is exclusive to Buzz and therefore they are in full control of the game schedule, prize money and features. As a result, you'll get a greater variety of games and promotions taking place than you would normally find on the standard Playtech 80 ball room.

As mentioned, the room is 80 ball which means you get a 4x4 ticket which is split into four columns of different colours. How to win depends on the type of 80 ball game being played.

Go Go Bingo gameplay
Go Go Bingo gameplay on desktop

Go Go Bingo game varieties

There are a few different variations of 80 ball that you may find in the Go Go Bingo room, which include:

  • 1 Line & Full House
  • Full House Only
  • 4 Columns
  • 1 Line, Columns & House

Each game type has a standard set of winners, but any could also be coupled with a feature such as 1tg, 2tg, roll-on or twin&win which add in additional winners.

1 Line & Full House

1L & FH games give you the chance of two prizes per game, the first for completing any line of four across your ticket horizontally, then it plays for a full house (mark all numbers on your ticket).

Full House Only

As the name suggests, this game type gives just one prize per game for being the first to mark all their numbers on a single ticket. There are only a small number of these games per day (10 at launch) and they are usually reserved for the bigger prizes, such as the 'Go Big Or Go Home' games that pay £50 minimum prize.

4 Columns

4 Column games are very popular as you get 4 winners per game, with prizes for completing a vertical line of four numbers, then 2 columns, then 3 columns and finally the full house.

1 Line, Columns & House

This variation is a bit more complicated than the others, so on launch I didn't put any games in the schedule with this style. These games play for one line across, then columns down and then a full house. As I don't like to confuse players I've left it for now, but I'm sure I'll throw in some special games every now and then to see if it something players enjoy.

Free Bingo Go Go

One of the big changes we made when we launched Go Go Bingo was to close the existing Free Bingo Room and move all the free games into Go Go.

So if you've been playing free bingo on Buzz for a while, you'll find that we have kept the same times and prize money but it is now in this 80 ball room instead (at least for a little while).

That means each day you can try Go Go Bingo for free between 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm. These games are superbooks, which means as well as playing for free you can purchase extra tickets for an increased prize pot.

When is Go Go Bingo room open?

The Go Go Bingo room is open from 15th February and then every day from 8.00am until 10.00pm.

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