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Potion Shop Bingo

What is Potion Shop Bingo?

Potion Shop Bingo is a unique 90 ball bingo variant based around a magical potion shop theme. It has a progressive jackpot and a couple of interesting features such as 'Stir the Cauldron' and 'Potion Bottle Collection'.

It's another one of those games where it's not immediately obvious what's going on, so allow me to explain as simply as I can so you know what to do.

How to play

Potion Shop plays for a standard three-part 90 ball game. This means there is a prize for one line, two lines and then a full house.

There is a also a standard progressive jackpot which pays out if someone claims full house within 38 calls. This pays 50% to the full house winner and 50% to the community and is seeded at £250, increasing by 1% of stakes each game.

Potion Shop Bingo
Potion Shop Bingo on the Sky Bingo Android App

Always buy 6 tickets!

When you buy tickets for this game, it is important to know that you only qualify for the Potion Bottle Collection feature if you've bought a minimum of 6 tickets in that specific game.

Tickets are usually 5p each, so that's 30p spend to ensure you can take part.

Potion Bottle Collection Feature

If you click the little arrow on the right of the ticket screen, the Potion Collection feature will slide into view. This offers you the chance to win a £1.00 bonus if you can collect a total of 500ml of magical potion.

At the end of the bingo game, the final number called on full house will determine how much potion you will collect. The final number will be multiplied by 0.2ml and that is how much potion you collect. So for example, if the final number called is 90, each eligible player would collect 18ml (90 x 0.2 = 18).

Once you've managed to collect 500ml you will be awarded a 50p bingo bonus to play in Potion Shop Bingo and a 50p bonus for the Magical Jackpot Shop slot game, which is found in the mini game menu.

How much potion collected
Here I only bought 3 tickets so did not qualify to collect any potion

It's a bit of a grind activating this feature, as the maximum you can get in any game is 18ml (if you get 90 as the last number). It's therefore likely to take approximately between 50-100 games (maybe more) to get to 500ml. However, the game will remember how much potion you have earned, so even if you go away and come back at a later date, it will pick up where you left off.

Stir The Cauldron Feature

If a game has the Stir The Cauldron feature icon displayed, that means an additional game will play out at the end of the main bingo game. In these games the winner of full house gets to tap a potion bottle, which then spins a magical light around a cauldron.

Within the cauldron are three coloured wedges:

  • Yellow: Standard Potion Jackpot
  • Blue: Advanced Potion Jackpot
  • Red: Master Potion Jackpot.

If the light stops on any one of these areas, it will award the corresponding jackpot, which is shared with all players who bought a ticket for that game. If it lands in the green area, that is a 'bad batch' and no prize is won.

Stir the cauldron feature
If the light stops in yellow, blue or red zones it will award a prize
Bad batch - no win this time!
A bad batch means no prize money for anyone this time!

Where can I play Potion Shop Bingo?

This game is an exclusive for Sky Bingo, so that's the only place you can find it. It is usually open from 10.00am - midnight.

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