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Giddy Up Bingo

What is Giddy Up Bingo?

Giddy Up Bingo is a brand new 50 ball bingo variant with a horseracing theme. It is available exclusively at BetFred Bingo - clearly aimed at attracing some of their horseracing punters to come and try out the bingo games.

It isn't the first bingo game to try a horseracing theme. There is also Day at the Races Bingo from William Hill, but this one from BetFred is a completely different, and simpler, experience.

How to play

Giddy Up Bingo is a multi-stake game, which means you can choose how much you wish to bet. The settings can change but at time of launch the options were 10p, 50p, £1 and £2.

The prize money increases depending on what stake you choose. Each stake appears on screen as one of four horses, just select which horse (stake) you wish to buy in to the next game.

Once the game begins, you will see then horses with jockeys, each with a number which corresponds to the bingo balls being called. If one of your numbers is called, you'll hear a neigh sound and that horse will drop out of the race. The winner is the first player to get rid of all their horses (full house).

Giddy Up Bingo gameplay
Horses replace bingo balls in Giddy Up Bingo

Front Runner Jackpot

Giddy Up Bingo does have the option of it's own jackpot which is called the Front Runner Jackpot. This pays out to both the winner and the community on a 50/50 basis if you can win the game within 19 calls.

It is progressive, starting at £150 but it should grow to a decent size given how unlikely the game is to be won in under 19 calls.

Wayne's Opinion on Giddy Up Bingo

Giddy Up Bingo is a very simple 50 ball variant, which doesn't try to come up with anything particularly new beyong the 'replace bingo balls with X' format that you see on other games such as Emoji Bingo (replace balls with Emojis) or Picture Bingo (replace balls with Pictures).

That being said, simplicity does mean it isn't difficult for players to get the hang of it, so ultimately it comes down to how much the theme resonates with players at BetFred. Given they are a bookmaker you would think it would go down well.

The animation style of the horses is very basic, so it does look a bit on the cheap side. But then again, there are plenty of slot games with cheap looking graphics that do very well indeed.

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