Emoji Bingo
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Emoji Bingo

What is Emoji Bingo?

Emoji Bingo is a 50 ball bingo game. Instead of bingo balls and bingo tickets, the game is played with emoji symbols.

How to play

Your ticket in this game is 10 emojis that float around the screen. Each player has one 'ticket' and the game is played directly for a full house, or whoever gets rid of all their emojis first.

As each emoji is called out, if your ticket matches then instead of dabbing them they will pop and disappear from the screen. You can even tap/click and pop them yourself if you like, but if you don't it will do it automatically anyway.

Emoji Bingo from Mecca Bingo
Pop all 10 emojis to win the house prize

Multi-stake prices

Each game is played with just one ticket, but you can choose what stake you wish to play for. The house prize will change depending on what stake you choose, but whatever one you pick, you are playing the same game and have the same chance of winning as anyone else.

The game defaults to a £1 stake, but if you click on the arrow next to where it says 'Price £1.00' it will then drop down and you can choose a different stake amount:

  • £0.25
  • £0.50
  • £1.00
  • £2.00
  • £3.00
Emoji Bingo stake selector
The more you stake, the bigger the house prize

How to win at Emoji Bingo

As with all games of bingo, it is down to luck at the end of the day. This particular game is technically a 'fair-and-square' room because players are limited to just a single ticket each.

So all you really need to do is buy your tickets, sit back and watch those emojis pop! Hopefully!

Emoji Bingo winning moment
Emoji Bingo winning moment (not for me!)

Where can I play Emoji Bingo?

Emoji Bingo is available only at Mecca Bingo and Lucky Pants Bingo.

It is open daily from 7.00am - 2.00am.

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