Wayne's Lucky Pants Bingo Review

For a long time, Lucky Pants Bingo was one of those small online bingo sites that I gave very little attention to, mostly because of it's cheesy name and god-awful TV advert from years ago that still to this day has me singing "Go get your, go get your lucky pants" whenever I hear it's name.

It was one of four brands that were part of the Daub network, along with sister sites Kitty Bingo, Give Back Bingo and Bingo Extra. All four brands shared the unique Daub bingo software, which wasn't amazing by any means but at least it offered something a little different.

However, in October 2020 Lucky Pants Bingo was moved from the Daub software over to Playtech by new owners The Rank Group. If that name sounds familiar it is because they're the owners of Mecca Bingo, and now the site is beginning to look like a mini-Mecca itself, taking on some of the bingo games that were once exclusive to Mecca only.

The choice of games is still very limited, but it is early days for the relaunched brand. I'm not too keen myself and don't see any great reason to play here when you can just go to Mecca and get everything and more than what you can find at Lucky Pants. The only thing different really is the 'Stranger Thongs' daily game (see below) and I don't think that's enough of an incentive to join.

Bingo Rooms

Lucky Pants doesn't have all the bingo games you would normally find on Playtech, but as I mentioned it does have some rooms that up to now were exclusive to Mecca Bingo, such as Britain's Got Talen Bingo, Emoji Bingo and Best Odds Bingo. Interestingly it does have some of the other Playtech favourites, such as Deal or No Deal Bingo 90, but it doesn't have the 75 ball version yet.

I'm not sure why they wouldn't just give the players access to all the Playtech rooms. I guess maybe they don't want to overload their existing players with too much, too fast.

Stranger Thongs Board Game

One unique feature available at Lucky Pants that survived the move from Daub is the daily free play game known as 'Stranger Thongs'.

Stranger Thongs

It looks a bit like a Monopoly board game, in that you roll a dice and move around a board, with various prizes and stuff to win depending on where you land and how many pairs of pants you can collect. Collect three matching pairs and you win the following prizes:

  • Budgie Smugglers: £2 slot bonus.
  • Auntie's Bloomers: Lucky Loot entry ticket.
  • Banana Hammock: 5 Berry Burst spins.
  • Fancy Pants: 10 Free Aloha spins.
  • Brazilian: £1 Slingo bonus.
  • Smarty Pants: £1 cash.
  • Lucky Pants: £5 cash.
  • Hot Pants: Roll again.

The only catch is that you can only play this game if you've wagered £10 in the last 7 days. Once you do that, you can get 1 dice roll every day for 7 days. If you wager another £10 in a single day you will earn another dice roll, up to a maximum of 3 rolls per day.

Please visit the Promotions page on Lucky Pants Bingo for all the T&Cs.

"I don't see any great reason to play here when you can just go to Mecca and get all these games and more."

How to join Lucky Pants Bingo

To join Lucky Pants Bingo just click on the 'Join' button at the top of the page which will open up the registration page. On mobile this can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Here you just need to enter some basic details, such as your name, address, date of birth and email address. You'll also have to choose an account name and password. Once completed the site will automatically check your credentials to prove you are over 18 and then you are good to go.

As with all bingo sites, if your ID fails the automatic checks you may then be asked for further ID, such as a photo of your passport or driver's license. Extra checks like this are a pain, but they don't happen too often and are there due to regulations.

Lucky Pants Bingo Login

One thing I noticed when testing the new Lucky Pants site is that I couldn't actually find a button to logout. This means every time I revisited the site I was already logged in. I only got logged out if I went onto a different device to play.

If you do need to login there is a login button at the top which just needs your username and password. On mobile the login button is found at the bottom of your screen.

How to find the bingo games

If you're on mobile you'll see a bunch of icons along the bottom, once of which says 'bingo'. Tap on this and then scroll down to see all of the bingo games starting soon.

You can either click on an individual room to go straight into it, or clicking on the large 'Play Bingo Now' button will take you to the standard Playtech lobby that you may be familiar with if you've played at other Playtech brands. All the bingo rooms will be there and you can click on the 'Games' tab at the top if you wish to find slot games.

On desktop the process is pretty much the same only the 'Bingo' link is at the top of the page rather than the bottom. Once in the lobby on desktop, you have a few more options down the left hand side to filter the games by All, Popular, Jackpots and Exclusives. To be fair none of these are really needed at the moment as there aren't that many bingo rooms to really need to filter any out.

How to make a deposit at Lucky Pants Bingo

If you're on the main desktop site you can find a 'Cashier' button at the top right. If you're in the bingo lobby you'll see an icon also in the top right which says 'Deposit'. Clicking either of these will open directly on the deposit screen, where you can deposit via the following options:

  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard

If you're on the mobile homepage, you'll also see a cashier button at the top. However, if you're in the mobile lobby this button isn't visible, so you can either click on either the menu icon (top left) or account icon (top right). Both open a dropdown menu where 'Deposit' is one of the options.

Once you choose your preferred deposit method there are buttons to select either 'no bonus for me', 'choose a bonus' or 'do you have a promo code?'. If bonuses are available you will find one by selecting 'choose a bonus', but bear in mind from this view the key T&Cs aren't visible, so you may want to check the promotions page first before you commit to using it.

The minimum deposit amounts vary depending on your deposit method: PayPal = £20, Debit card = £5 and Paysafecard = £10.

How to withdraw

To make a withdrawal at Lucky Pants Bingo just open up the cashier in the same way you did to make a deposit. Even clicking on a 'deposit' button will work, as you can quickly select withdraw from the deposit screen.

The site claims that most withdrawals will be processed immediately with 80% of payments reaching player's bank accounts within 10 mins. Apparently this speedy withdrawal time is only if you bank with either Barclays, NatWest, HSBC, Nationwide, RBS, Revolut, Marks & Spencer Financial Services, Cumberland Building Society and Ulster Bank.

For other payment types, including Lloyds, Bank of Scorland and Halifax, it may take the standard 1-3 working days.

As with all bingo sites, withdrawals must be made back to the same payment method that was used to deposit, or one that you have used to deposit recently. I couldn't find any explicit information about minimum withdrawal, but it is usually the same as minimum deposit which was £5 for debit cards.

Exclusive Bingo Games

Bingo Games Available

Other Bingo Games Available

Does Lucky Pants Bingo have an app?

No, but it will work fine on any mobile or tablet device directly from the browser.

Who owns Lucky Pants Bingo?

Lucky Pants Bingo is owned by The Rank Group, who are most famous for being the owners of Mecca Bingo. In recent years they acquired a company called Stride Gaming, who in turn owned a company called Daub Alderney.

Daub was a relatively small operator but one that at least had it's own bingo platform that was unique to them. They had four bingo brands on their platform:

  • Bingo Extra
  • Give Back Bingo
  • Kitty Bingo
  • Lucky Pants Bingo

However, since Rank became owners of Daub they have begun to move these sites off the Daub bingo platform. Bingo Extra and Give Back Bingo moved to Dragonfish in August 2020 and Lucky Pants moved to Playtech in October 2020. I expect Kitty Bingo will make a similar move in due course.

How to contact Lucky Pants Bingo

On the main desktop site you can find a help page in the top navigation links. Here you will find contact details such as email, telephone and live chat.

  • support@luckypantsbingo.com (account related queries)
  • promotions@luckypantsbingo.com (promotion related queries)
  • Tel: 0808 238 6070 (free phone)

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