Deal Or No Deal Bingo 90 (Playtech)

How To Play Deal Or No Deal Bingo 90

DOND Bingo has got to be one of the greatest themed games in all of bingo. It’s been around for years but it is still the most popular bingo variant across all the Playtech sites.

If you’ve not played it before, it is basically a normal 90 ball bingo game but with an extra Deal or No Deal twist. In each game there are four prizes to be won:

  • 1 Line
  • 2 Lines
  • Full House
  • Deal or No Deal Feature

The amount of money you may be offered in the Deal or No Deal feature is linked to what numbers are called during the regular bingo game.

Deal Or No Deal Feature

At the start of the game you have one red box with a mystery amount inside that could be anything from 1p to several hundred pounds. There are also another 21 boxes, each with a number on it from 1 to 90.

When the normal game of bingo begins, if these numbers are called, that box is open and the amount inside is revealed before disappearing. Just like the TV show, what you want at this point is all the low-value blue numbers to be revealed, leaving only the higher amounts for when it’s time for the banker’s deal.

If there are more red than blue boxes left you’ll get a bigger offer from the banker

When full house has finally been won, the winning player then gets a deal from the banker based on the values of the remaining boxes. The winner then has to choose whether or not to accept (deal) or reject (no deal) the banker’s offer.

To help decide, all players who bought into that current game get to vote on whether they think you should deal or no deal. Ultimately, it is down to the full house player to decide. Sometimes a no deal will pay off, sometimes you’ll end up with less than the banker’s offer.

The banker offered £17.94 but this winner chose No Deal

DOND Jackpot

In addition to the regular prizes and the DOND Feature prize, there is also a massive progressive jackpot. It is seeded at an incredible £10,000 and increases every night at midnight based on 2% of all stakes. It is won by claiming full house within 34 calls and is split 50/50 between the full house winner and the community.

Where Can I Play Deal Or No Deal Bingo 90?

This game is available on all Playtech bingo sites, such as:

Don’t forget there is also Deal or No Deal 75 Ball and another spin-off game, Deal or No Deal Multiplier that you can try if you like this one.

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