Rainbow Riches Bingo
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Rainbow Riches Bingo

What is Rainbow Riches Bingo?

Rainbow Riches Bingo is a fast-paced, 40 ball bingo game with some interesting features such as the 'Rainbow Jackpot' and 'The Wishing Well Collection'.

It's themed around the famous slot game of the same name, with all the traditional Irish icons such as leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold and four leaf clovers.

How to play

In this game each ticket consists of 8 numbers, shown as groups of two four-leaf clovers. Each clover has four numbers in it. There is a prize for the first player to mark all four numbers in a clover, and then a house prize for marking all 8 numbers in a group of two clovers.

There are two additional features that keep the game interesting: The Rainbow Jackpot and The Wishing Well.

Rainbow Riches Bingo
Here I needed number 1 to win the 1 clover prize

The Rainbow Jackpot

The game features a leprechaun which moves along a rainbow at the end of the game, depending on the number of 'rainbow clovers' that have been called during the game. These are two special clover symbols that appear instead of the bingo numbers, and they may do so up to twice in a game.

There are 50 steps along the rainbow, and for each rainbow clover that appears, the leprechaun will move 1 step along at the end of the game. At certain points there are prize pots that can be triggered:

  • Bronze: 10th step on the rainbow.
  • Silver: 25th step on the rainbow.
  • Gold: 50th step on the rainbow.

If the leprechaun lands on a prize pot, or passes over one, all players who bought into that last game will get a share of the prize money. The amount of prize money depends whether the leprechaun lands directly on the prize pot, or if he passes over it.

  • Bronze: £50 direct / £25 if passed over.
  • Silver: £150 direct / £75 if passed over.
  • Gold: £300 direct / £150 if passed over.

When you first enter the game, take a look at where the leprechaun is. If he's close to any one of these prize pots it may just be worth joining the game. Also remember, the payout to the community is based on how many tickets you have, so if (like me) you only bought a few tickets, your share of the prize money will be a lot smaller (pictured below).

Rainbow Riches Bingo Gold Jackpot Win
I only had 5 tickets so my share of the jackpot was quite small 😢

The Wishing Well Collection

When you buy tickets for any game, you'll be prompted to choose a lucky number. If that number is called during the game, you will earn one gold coin which goes into the wishing well.

Once you've managed to collect 40 gold coins you will be awarded a £5 prize.

Wishing Well Collection Winners
At the end of each game it shows who managed to collect 40 coins

Always buy at least 5 tickets!

According to the official game rules, players will only get a gold coin for their wishing well if they've bought 5 or more tickets to the game. So bear this in mind.

Where can I play Rainbow Riches Bingo

This game is exclusive to the Playtech network, but it is hugely popular and therefore pretty much every Playtech site has it. It is available 24 hours a day at the following sites:

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