Fluffy Favourites Bingo (Playtech)

What Is Fluffy Favourites Bingo (Playtech)?

Fluffy Favourites Bingo was originally a 90-ball bingo variant available exclusively on Playtech bingo sites based around the popular Fluffy Favourites online slot game. However, in December 2020 another variant of the game appeared on the Entain-owned Electraworks platform.

The newer version was so different to the original, so I’ve decided to write two separate guides.

The Original Fluffy Faves Bingo

The original version of Fluffy Favourites Bingo is a 90-ball bingo variant. It features a progressive jackpot and a ‘Fluffy’s Friends’ feature game that takes place at the end of each game.

Because this particular game is very cute & cuddly with cartoon animal characters that may appeal to children, some screenshots have been censored to hide any cartoon animals!

How To Play

Once you’ve bought your tickets, the game plays like any regular 90-ball bingo game. First, there is a one line prize, then two lines followed by a full house. Occasionally there will be 1TG or 2TG games played in this room, which means every player who didn’t win the full house but had tickets that were only 1 to go (or 2 to go) from winning, gets a share of a small community pot.

Fluffy Favourites Bingo is one of Playtech’s most popular games

Once these regular prizes have been dished out, it is time for the ‘Fluffy Friends’ feature game.

Fluffy Friends Feature

At the end of the bingo game, the player who won full house gets to take part in a special Fluffy Friends feature game. It will appear on screen for everyone to see, but only the winner will get to select the various options, depending on what outcome they get. If multiple players win full house, the feature game will play automatically.

The feature begins as a 3-reel spinner. If the player matches three symbols on the reels, then one of four different bonus rounds will be triggered:

  • Claw icons: Toy Grabber bonus game.
  • Tent icons: Floating Fluffy’s bonus game.
  • Coin icons: Coin Pusher bonus game.
  • Rocket icons: Fluffy In Space bonus game.

If the player does not match any symbols, the game ends and no bonus round is activated.

The FH winner gets to spin the bonus draw spinner

Toy Grabber Bonus Round

If the player matches three claw icons, the toy grabber bonus game is triggered.

Here we see a traditional toy grabber arcade machine with loads of fluffy toys at the bottom of the screen. The screen is split into four sections and the player gets to choose which area of the screen to drop the toy grabber. If it manages to pick up a toy, this is dropped into the chute and a prize value will be unveiled for that specific toy.

It isn’t explained in detail but I assume different toys have different prize values.

Cute characters removed for compliance reasons!

Floating Fluffys Bonus Round

In this round the scene is of a hook-a-duck style carnival stall, with four different fluffy toys floating in the water. The player gets to select which toy to pick out of the water, and obviously, this then reveals a specific prize.

It is worth noting this room is one of the most popular games on the Playtech network, and as a result, often these prizes for the bonus rounds do stretch to £100 and above.

Coin Pusher Bonus Round

I haven’t seen this one yet myself, but I can imagine it looking like one of those arcade machines where you drop pennies into it which then push other pennies over the edge. I’ll update this review when I get to see how exactly it plays out!

Fluffy In Space Bonus Round

This final bonus game is themed around the Fluffy In Space slot but I’ve yet to see it in action first hand. However, I did manage to grab this screengrab below from when I entered the room just as the prize money was being dished out.

It’s important to note that this prize you see below was given out to the community, rather than the full house winner, so it is possible even if you don’t win you could still be quids in from this particular bonus.

This feature win went to all players who played that game

Which Sites Have Fluffy Favourites Bingo (Playtech)?

Fluffy Bingo is so popular, it’s available on pretty much every Playtech bingo site, including:

It is open daily from 11.00 am – 1.00 am.

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