Britain's Got Talent Bingo
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Britain's Got Talent Bingo

What is Britain's Got Talent Bingo?

BGT Bingo is a special 90 ball bingo room that gives you the chance to win up to 6 cash prizes. There are also special games every 30 minutes where if you don't win, you get a free scratchcard.

This is a cash-only room so you can't use any bonus funds to buy tickets in this game.

How to play

Britain's Got Talent Bingo has the standard one line, two lines and full house game, but with some extra special jackpot features. They are a little more complicated than most, so allow me to explain how it all works.

The regular game plays just like any other 90 ball 3-part game. First played for one line, 2 lines and then full house. What triggers the bonus features is all to do with what number is called when those three game prizes are won.

Britain's Got Talent Bingo Game
Britain's Got Talent Bingo on mobile

Lucky Numbers Feature

When you enter the room for the first time you are asked to pick three lucky numbers. You can do this manually or choose 'lucky dip' which selects the numbers for you at random. Each number corresponds to a jackpot, and to win that jackpot you must match your lucky number to the following:

  • Lucky number 1: Match the number that wins on 1 line.
  • Lucky number 2: Match the number that wins on 2 lines.
  • Lucky number 3: Match the number that wins full house.

Buzzer Bonus

If your first lucky number is the same as the number that wins the 1 line game, then you win a 'buzzer bonus' of 50p.

Audience Reward

If you second lucky number matches the same ball that wins the 2 line game, then you win the 'audience reward' of £7.50.

Judges Jackpot

If you manage all that, and then your third lucky number matches the number that wins full house, you trigger the 'judges jackpot' of £250. 50% of which goes to you and 50% will go to everyone else who had tickets in the game.

BGT Bingo Winning Moment
I happened to win 2L & FH when reviewing this game!

When is Britain's Got Talent Bingo open?

This room is open every day from 9.00am - 11.00pm.

Where can I play Britain's Got Talent Bingo?

BGT Bingo was previously an exclusive for Mecca Bingo, but since Oct 2020 you can also find it at Lucky Pants Bingo. Mecca & Lucky Pants have the same owners, so you can expect more games that were exclusive to Mecca to pop up over at Lucky Pants in the near future.

Be sure to check it out whenever BGT is actually on TV, as they usually wil have extra special games to tie-in with the show.

You can find it in the 'Specials' tab on desktop and the 'bingo' tab on mobile.

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