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Picture Bingo

What is Picture Bingo?

What if you replaced bingo numbers with pictures? Well, that's the premise of Picture Bingo, a simple and fun bingo game from the creative minds at tombola.

The concept was first launched as 'Pirates' but has since gone on to use new and interesting themes, such as 'Circus' and 'Mystery'.

Picture Bingo
Choose your Picture Bingo theme

How to play

You can buy up to three tickets per game and there are four ticket prices:

  • 5p
  • 10p
  • 25p
  • 50p

Each ticket contains 15 unique symbols linked to the theme you have chosen. As the calls are drawn, simply match 5 on one line to win the one line prize, or all 15 to win the bingo (full house) prize. In 2-line games you can also win a prize for matching 10 on two lines.


All prizes and the number of players will be shown at the start of each game. Win the game in 26 calls or less to win the jackpot: £1,000 for a 50p ticket, £500 for a 25p ticket, £200 for a 10p ticket and £100 for a 5p ticket.

Where can I play Picture Bingo?

Picture Bingo is available exclusively at tombola. It can be played on both desktop and mobile devices.

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