Wink Bingo Review

Wink Bingo is one of the better Dragonfish sites around on account of it being owned by 888 Holdings directly. This means they put far more of an effort into making it as good as it can be, compared to standard Dragonfish bingo brands.

It is very similar in features to it's sister site, Costa Bingo, but somehow Wink appears to have a few more tricks up it's sleeve that Costa does not, such as Bingo Roulette and live help. Other features that they share, such as a shop to spend loyalty points, are much better designed at Wink and easier to understand.

The selection of bingo rooms at Wink Bingo is mainly 90 and 75 ball, but there are a couple of more interesting variants you can also try.

I have to admit I don't play there that much because I prefer other bingo software, but it is one of the best sites on Dragonfish so worthy of a try if you haven't played here before.

Bingo Games Available

Here is a list of all the different varieties of online bingo available at this site:

Bingo Games Available

'My Wink' Challenges & Promotions

Wink Bingo has a central hub which is known as 'My Wink'. When you login you may see some notifications that prompt you to visit this area of the site. Here you will find daily offers, promotions and challenges tailored to you that reward you with bonuses, free spins and loyalty points.

The 'challenges' are particularly interesting as they change each day and within this area you can track your progress and hopefully end up with some kind of bonus as a reward. If you do happen to trigger a reward you also claim it from within this same area. Just look for the 'earned it' tab that shows these challenges and how well you've done so far.

Wink Shop

The Wink Shop is basically Wink Bingo's loyalty scheme. It allows you to earn 'Wink Rewards' which you can then redeem in their online shop for a variety of things such as bingo bonus, bingo tickets, games bonus and free spins.

Unlike a similar scheme over at Costa Bingo, this one is much easier to understand as when you click on the 'Shop' tab there is a clear list of items you can trade your wink reward points for. Plus, your rewards balance is there at the top so you know how much you have to trade in.

Wink Rewards can be earned for every £1 wagered on slots or bingo, as well as completing specific challenges or taking part in dedicated rewards promotions. There is even a dedicated 'Wink Rewards Room' which pays out £1million reward points every month. Check the Wink Bingo promo page for all the info you need on these kind of things.

How to find the bingo games

If you login on mobile you'll land directly into the bingo lobby, so it's no trouble at all finding the games. On desktop it is slightly different. Logging in just takes you back to the homepage, at which point to get to the games you can either choose one of the games starting soon that you can see, or you can click the big 'Play Now' button at the top to open the lobby.

The lobby is the same on all devices, only it is more condensed on mobile for obvious reasons. There are two main tabs you can choose from; bingo & slots, and within these tabs there are categories that help you filter between game types, such as 90 ball, 75 ball, free bingo and specials. Specials are where you'll find the variants such as Bingo Roulette and Suits You.

If you're on desktop you'll also see additional tabs for 'My Wink', 'Shop' and 'Live Chat' on the left hand side. These are available on mobile but to find them you need to first select the Wink Bingo logo in the top left.

Finding the My Wink Section

As mentioned earlier, the My Wink section is a central point for everything happening on the site, including offers and challenges just for you.

On mobile you can open this area by clicking on the 'W' icon in the top right, which will usually have a number indicating something is there for you to read. On desktop you have this but also a more obvious link from the tabs on the left hand side I already mentioned.

There are two main sections in My Wink:

  • Inbox
  • Earned It

The inbox works like an email inbox, in that Wink will send you messages here which could be anything from deposit offers to daily challenges. These can't be deleted but they do disappear when they expire or you perform the desired action.

The 'earned it' tab basically shows you all the current challenges you have opted in to, and crucially, how far along the challenge you have progressed. It also shows the key terms and conditions tied to any particular challenge.

On mobile you'll also find a link to the main promotions page and live help, but on desktop these are not in this section as they are both part of the permanent navigation that is already visible at the top of the site.

How to make a deposit at Wink Bingo

To make a deposit simply click on the 'cashier' button which you can find in the top right on desktop and bottom left on mobile. This opens a new screen where you can choose your payment method. Your four options for depositing at Wink Bingo are:

  • Debit card
  • Paysafecard
  • Paypal
  • Pay by phone

For some reason (as with all Dragonfish sites) you can only find the pay by phone option if you first select either the paysafecard or paypal option first.

Once you've selected your preferred method, click the 'continue' (or 'add a payment method') button at the bottom, then select how much you wish to deposit. It is at this point you can also add a promo code if you have one. If you want to get a bonus I advise checking the promos page before you complete your deposit, as there are usually bonuses you can take advantage of.

The minimum deposit at Wink Bingo is £10.

How to make a withdrawal

To withdraw you simply open up the cashier in the same way as you made a deposit. When the new screen opens up, choose 'withdrawal' from the tabs and then if you have enough winnings to withdraw just follow the on-screen instructions.

If you don't have enough funds to withdraw it may be that you still have some wagering to do on any bonuses you received. The minimum withdrawal amount is £10.

How to check what wagering is still needed

Because there are so many promos going on at Wink Bingo, it is likely you will need to meet some sort of wagering during your time on the site. Wagering is when you have to play through a multiple of the amount of bonus you got before it becomes available to withdraw.

You can view how much wagering you have to do on all your bonuses by going to your account. You can find this on desktop by clicking the arrow next to your username in the top left (when within the bingo lobby). On mobile there is no arrow or username visible, so simply click on the avatar image instead.

It is possible you will have multiple bonuses and therefore different wagering requirements for each. Click on the bonuses to dropdown specific information for each of the offers you've used.

Free Bingo at Wink

Wink has a number of free bingo rooms you can play. Just click on 'free' within the lobby to view them all. Most are limited to depositing players only, with a specific newbies room that's only open to new players for a few days.

You can pre-buy for the upcoming free games, so don't be put off if it says the next game isn't for several hours or even several days. Just go into the room and buy your free tickets. The game will play even if you are not there to see it, so it is good to get into the habit of going into all the free rooms to pre-buy after every deposit, just to make the most of it.

How to spend your Wink Rewards

As I mentioned earlier, Wink Rewards are like a loyalty program in that you earn reward points in return for doing stuff that the site wants you to do. So namely, playing bingo, completing challenges, etc.

The most basic way to earn reward points is to play bingo. Every £1 you wager in a bingo room earns you 1 wink reward. Once you've built up enough reward points you can click on 'Shop' and exchange those points for various items. You'll need a minimum of 5 points to exchange the cheapest items, but there are some that go for as high as 4,650 points (£50 bingo bonus).

Anything you get from the shop could have wagering applied to it, so be sure to click on the item before you buy it and watch for the T&Cs to come into view. I found on desktop these terms scroll across the bottom of the screen (not exactly making it easy to read).

You can also win reward points by winning bingo in the 1 Million Rewards room. However, you need to first earn entry into this room by taking part in various promotions and challenges. You can also buy room tickets in the wink shop. Seems a bit odd to use reward points to buy tickets to a room where you win rewards points, but they're relatively cheap in the shop so I guess it could be worth doing.

Does Wink Bingo have an app

Yes. Wink has apps for both Android and iOS devices that can be accessed in the play store. However, the mobile web version of the site works perfectly fine and is just the same as the app experience.

Wink Bingo Contact Details

Customer support is available between 12.00pm - 6.00pm. If you're on mobile you can get to live help by clicking the Wink Bingo logo in the top left. On desktop it's easier to find just look to the left hand side of the lobby.