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Flash Fives

What is Flash Fives?

Flash Fives is a 52-ball bingo game that was developed by Dragonfish and is basically a copy of tombola's popular card-based bingo game, CINCO.

The game is played with playing cards instead of numbers and it plays for a line of 5 cards. It's a fun game but for me it's not quite got the same polish as CINCO, but for Dragonfish players it's one of the only options you have to play something different to just regular 75 and 90 ball bingo.

Also Known As...

Once of the big surprises for me when I set out to review this game is that it is called different names on different sites. I think 'Flash Fives' was the original name for it when it first launched. I've also found it called various names at different sites:

  • 52-5 Bingo
  • Bingo Deal
  • Fiver Fever
  • Bingo Vegas
  • Suits You

Exact same game, different names. There may be more variations I've just not discovered yet. I think it is a little shortsighted by Dragonfish here to allow each site to name the room what they want. It just means the game gets lost amongst all the different variations and loses that brand recognition for players who may switch between sites and not realise the same game they liked somewhere else is still available to them.

How to play

Just like in CINCO, tickets are a hand of 5 playing cards and the aim of the game is to be the first player to mark a full hand of 5.

Again, like CINCO, casino chips are placed on top of the cards as they are called out, only here the cards spell out the word B-I-N-G-O. They also automatically move and place your best hand at the top, something tombola's version does not need to do because all 5 hands are on screen at the same time. Here you can buy more than 5 hands, so it needed that auto-sort feature (which I don't like so much).

Flash Fives 52-5 Bingo
Flash Fives aka 52-5 Bingo aka Fiver Fever aka Bingo Vegas...


The game is played for a straight full house, so there is only usually one prize to be won. Unless of course there is a promotion such as 1TG or 2TG which will issue additional prizes for players who finish 1 or 2 away from bingo.

There is no progressive or other kind of jackpot from what I am aware, unlike CINCO which has two additional jackpots in their version of this game.

Where can I play Flash Fives?

Flash Fives is found on most of the Dragonfish sites I've reviewed to date, but as mentioned it is known by different names of different sites. Here are a few I've found where you can play this game:

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