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Dragonfish bingo software is owned by 888 Holdings.

The platform is very popular due to the ease at which Dragonfish are able to allow white-label partners to launch new bingo sites and chances are if you've played online bingo for any great length of time you will already be familiar with it.

Personally, I was never a big fan of Dragonfish sites and avoided them as historically their bonus terms were not the best. However, in recent years that has changed, specifically with the launch of the Real Bingo Network where brands are completely no wagering. They're even developing some new bingo variants, such as Flash Fives and Bingo Roulette, so the quality of this network is getting better all the time.

There are so many small brands who use Dragonfish, it is going to take me a little while to add them all to this website.

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Dragonfish Bingo Networks

Dragonfish is well known for running one of the most prolific bingo networks. In fact, they have more than one network using their software and it isn't immediately obvious to players which network they are on when they join a site.

Often I've struggled to understand what's going on, so I asked Greg Gomes from Maxi Affiliates to explain. He was part of the team who originally sold the bingo software to 888/Dragonfish in the very beginning, so he knows everything there is about the product:

"There are essentially two networks."

"The old, more established one is commonly known as Globalcom / Cassava / Bridgend Network. Most people know it as Globalcom though. This is a match bonus network, so your regular 'Deposit X, Get X% bonus & whatever else'."

"There is the Dragonfish Network - then there are other brands outside of the DF network, stand-alone brands like Wink Bingo, 888Ladies, Costa Bingo. These all use the same software and methodology. The easiest way to separate them is to take a look at this: "

"The white labels are mainly on the DF network - but they are not differentiated between the Globalcom and Real Bingo Network"

"The Real Bingo Network is the newer - no wagering network. For example, Loadsa Bingo, Love Hearts Bingo and now Barmy Bingo.

"You can work out what bingo network a site is on pretty quickly by looking at the bonus. If you see a match bingo bonus, it's on the Globalcom. If its got Free Spins & Bingo Tickets, its on Real Bingo Network. "

"When it comes to conversion and retention - the RB Network offer depositing players Free Spins and Tickets for a period of time. This has also brought about some very canny bingo play by players because of the no wagering rule. That has been countered recently by DF with an insistence that game play is required to activate the reward of Free Spins or Bingo tickets. "