Wayne's Prize Land Bingo Review

Prize Land Bingo is a brand new site, but it's also not. You see, it's complicated. Or is it?

Well... basically, it's kind of a relaunch from what once was Iceland Bingo. Yes, this was based on the frozen food supermarket chain - Iceland, not the country.

It appears that the owners of Iceland wanted out of the online bingo space, so they closed down the old Iceland Bingo and some new owners have jumped in, rounded all the players up and put them on a new brand with a similar sounding name and similar logo - replacing the words Iceland with Prize Land.

So what's different about Prize Land Bingo?

If you land on the site for the first time, you'll probably have seen the video with Greg Scott talking about all the wonderful prizes you can win at Prize Land Bingo.

Well, I can confirm that the site is making the most of a new feature available on Dragonfish which is where physical prizes can be set for winning a full house, instead of the usual monetary prize. So when you go into the Prize Land Bingo lobby, you'll see a bunch of Prize Rooms with the name of a particular prize you can win on those games.

There are also all the usual bingo rooms and slot games that were on Iceland Bingo previously, and old players can still login with their existing Iceland Bingo username.

Bingo Games Available

Here is a list of all the different varieties of online bingo available at this site:

Bingo Games Available

The Prize Rooms

These prize rooms appear to be played each Friday evening at 9.00pm and you can prebuy. Tickets cost 10p each and you can buy a maximum of 96 (£9.60 total).

Simply login to the Prize Land Bingo website, select Bingo > Prize Rooms for the latest set of prizes. More details can also be found on their promotions page.

Prize Land Bingo Prize Rooms
An example of the prizes you can win at Prize Land Bingo

Win a Playstation 5 Room

As you may have seen from their recent TV advert, but Prize Land Bingo are offering a chance to win a Playstation 5 games console in their Christmas event.

The game will play on Sunday 19th December at 8pm. Tickets cost 25p and you can buy up to 96 tickets. Vouchers will be awarded for 1 line and 2 line wins, with the full house winner getting the PS5.

If you are lucky enough to win, you'll be contacted on 20th December to choose either the PS5 or a cash alternative. See Prize Land Bingo website for full details.

The Prize Wheel

At the relaunch the site was advertising an offer which consisted of a Prize Wheel, where you could potentially win various prizes. However, when I made a deposit using the correct code, I was not awarded a spin of the wheel right away.

I was looking all around and even contacted live help who said I didn't get it because I wasn't an new player. However, a few minutes later I randomly clicked on the email icon in the top corner and a message popped up to say I was eligible for a spin of the wheel.

Their terms and conditions do state that you get spins of the wheel on your first, second and third deposit on the site. So always check and then give it a little time to appear before you go to live help, who aren't always so helpful!

Prize Land Bingo Contact Details