Mystery Jackpots Bingo

What Is Mystery Jackpots?

Mystery Jackpots is a 75-ball bingo game from Dragonfish that adds an element of ‘mystery’ to the start of each game – random prize pots.

So basically you buy your tickets like any regular bingo game, but you won’t know what the prize money is until just a few seconds before the game begins.

Mystery Jackpots Bingo Room

Is That It?

Yeah, that’s pretty much the premise. The game itself plays just like any ordinary 75-ball bingo patterns style game.

There is a little animation at the start of the game where a little treasure chest opens up to reveal the prize money, which is cute, but other than that it’s just a regular patterns game.

The prize appears from a chest at the start of the game

Please note that the chest has been blurred out in this review for compliance reasons as they might appeal to under-18s. Once you create an account, logged in and age verified, the graphics will display correctly.

Where Can I Play Mystery Jackpots?

This game is available only on Dragonfish bingo sites. So far as I’ve been reviewing these sites I’ve found it available at the following brands:

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