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Bingo Beats

What is Bingo Beats?

Bingo Beats is a 50 ball bingo game available exclusively at Gala Bingo.

Instead of a static bingo ticket, the numbers fly around the screen and then pop when called. The aim of the game is to be the first player to pop all of their numbers to win the full house prize.

There are two Bingo Beats rooms at Gala which differentiate based on ticket price. Bingo Beats Chakra is the cheaper room, with tickets from 2p to 16p. Bingo Beats Love is more expensive, with tickets from 10p - £2.

Buying Tickets

Bingo Beats is a multi-stake game, which means you can choose how much you wish to pay for your ticket and the prize will change accordingly. So if you choose 10p and win the game, your prize will be much smaller than if you chose £2 and won the game.

Depending on which room you choose you'll have the following ticket price options to choose from:

  • Bingo Beats Chakra: 2p, 4p, 10p and16p
  • Bingo Beats Love: 10p, 20p, £1 and £2
Bingo Beats Chakra ticket sales
Choose your stake

How to play

Once you've got your tickets the game will play automatically for you. You do not need to mark the numbers yourself - as soon as they are called they will pop and disappear.

There is only one prize for this game and that is to get all numbers (full house) popped before anyone else. If you get full house at the same time as another player, you will split the prize money with that player.

Bingo Beats gameplay
Numbers 'pop' as they are called on your ticket

When can I play Bingo Beats?

Bingo Beats is open 24/7 at Gala Bingo.

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