The Voice UK Bingo
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The Voice UK Bingo

What is The Voice UK Bingo?

The Voice UK Bingo is an 80 ball bingo game which is themed around the BBC reality TV Show, The Voice. It has an additional Jackpot Ticket which gives you an extra chance to win a possible four extra prizes.

How to play

Although 80 ball bingo games can have some variety to how they're played, The Voice UK Bingo is always played for a full house only. That obviously means the first player to get all 16 numbers on their ticket will be the winner.

The ball speed is very fast and instead of hearing the numbers being called, there is just a little 'ping' noise as each ball appears. I find this very annoying but you can switch it off within the options.

The Voice UK Bingo
The Voice Bingo plays for a full house only

Spin The Chair Jackpot Ticket

When you enter the game you will see four red chairs above the tickets, designed to look like the Coach's chairs from the TV show. Each of which will have four numbers next to them (unless it has already been won, in which case it will say 'I WANT YOU'). These chairs are the Jackpot ticket which is the same for all players and plays over multiple games.

The jackpot ticket comes into play on the last ball of the game. If the last number called matches one of these numbers, it is marked off and a prize awarded to the full house winner. If it completes all four numbers on a chair, that chair will spin round and the player wins £50. If it does not complete a chair the winner gets a £5 'any number' prize instead.

If a player gets the last number on the last chair, they win the biggest prize which is £500. This all goes to the full house winner and is not shared amongst the community like other similar jackpots.

  • Any number: £5 prize
  • Spin a chair: £50 prize
  • Spin the last chair: £500

When the last chair has been won, all four chairs spin back around at the start of the next game and a new jackpot ticket is generated.

Voice Bingo Jackpot Prizes
In this game there is only 1 chair remaining to be won, which means the top prize of £500

You can view the jackpot information on mobile by clicking the i icon at the bottom of the screen, or on desktop it is visible next to the jackpot ticket, cycling with the main game prize information.

Where can I play The Voice UK Bingo?

This game is exclusive to Buzz Bingo and can be found on the main bingo lobby and on the 'Specials' tab. It is open every day from 8.00am to 10.00pm.

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