Wayne's Mr Q Bingo Review

When Mr Q first launched in 2018 I was very excited as it was the first site in a very long time to have developed their own unique online bingo software. Not only that, but they promised a fair bingo experience with no wagering required, everything seemed great.

The site itself looks fantastic. They clearly have a very talented design team, everything is clean and minimalist. It has a very modern design which puts many established bingo sites to shame. However, the one area that is still lacking is the number of bingo players in the rooms.

For whatever reason, players just don't seem to be sticking around (in the bingo at least). Player numbers are very low and this results in many games being played out for pennies, rather than pounds, and that in itself becomes a vicious circle in that players see the low prize money and don't join the games. It's a shame because the game itself is very good, but without players and decent money to win, online bingo is not much fun.

As a result the site appears to have doubled down on the slots content, partnering up with loads more slot providers so the focus really is now more on the games than the bingo.

Bingo Rooms

Mr Q has a total of 8 different bingo rooms, with a mixture of 90 ball and 75 ball games. The 'Popcorn Room' is the main 90 ball game that is open, along with another 90 ball free bingo room called 'Free for All'. Make sure you check the promotions when you join as usually you get access to the free room for 24 hours after you join.

Bingo types available:

  • 90 Ball Bingo
  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • Slingo

No Wagering Required

One of the best things about this site that we cannot overlook is that it is another that has ditched the wagering requirements. This means anything you win, whether that's from free spins or bonuses, gets paid in cash.

So if you've been stung in the past with excessive wagering, you know at least at Mr Q you won't have to worry about that or do any maths to figure out how much wagering is left to do.

"If you want to play bingo then this site is probably not the best, but if you enjoy slots I would certainly recommend it."

How to join Mr Q

To join Mr Q simply click on the big 'Join now' button on the homepage. If you're on mobile you can also click the 'sign-up' button at the bottom. On desktop this is up in the top right.

Next you will go through a quick registration process which involves choosing a username & password, plus providing personal details such as name, address, date of birth and email address. Once you've done all that the system will check your credentials, and if it all matches you can start playing.

If for any reason your details don't get automatically approved they may ask for some additional ID before you are allowed to play. This can be annoying but it is the same for all sites and part of new government regulations aimed at making online gambling safer for everyone. Simply follow the instructions on screen if this occurs.

Mr Q Login

On desktop you can find the login button up in the top right. On mobile it is down at the bottom left.

You can use your email or username to login, along with a password.

How to find the bingo games

As I mentioned earlier, there aren't many bingo games but they are easy enough to find. The site has a minimalist design with two options in the top left for either bingo or games. Games is where you will find all of the slots, casino and Slingo games.

Again, if you're on mobile the buttons to go between slots and bingo are found at the bottom of the screen instead of up top. All of the bingo rooms will show the prize pot, players, ticket price and time to next game.

Once you're in a game, to get back to the lobby (on mobile) click the menu icon in the top left and then select 'back to lobby'.

How to make a deposit at Mr Q

If you're on desktop you'll see a big 'Deposit' button up in the top right of the screen. On mobile this appears as just a small icon next to your account balance. If you click this it will open up a cashier which gives you just two options to deposit with:

  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Pay by Phone

The minimum deposit amount is £10. If you choose pay by phone the maximum you can deposit in one go is £30, so bear that in mind if you like to make deposits bigger than this you should select PayPal.

How to withdraw

To make a withdrawal first you must click on your avatar in the top right corner. A dropdown menu will appear with 'Withdraw' as one of the options. Click this and follow the simple instructions.

The minimum withdrawal amount is £10 and can be sent back to the same payment method you used to deposit.

Exclusive Bingo Games

Bingo Games Available

Other Bingo Games Available

Free Bingo at Mr Q

Mr Q has a couple of free bingo rooms where winnings are paid in real cash:

  • Free for All
  • Freedom

I couldn't find a bingo schedule but I assume the Free for All room is open most of the day, as you can get 24 hours access to it when you join. It plays every few minutes and when I was on it had prize pots in each game of 50p.

The Freedom room is the other room that has free bingo games, but this doesn't appear to play as frequently. Prizes in this room appear to be a little bit bigger, but still not huge figures. Around £1 is the norm.

All players who have made a deposit are allowed to enter the Freedom room for 7 days after each deposit (check site for latest T&CS).

Does Mr Q Bingo have an app?


There is an app called Mr Q on the Google Play Store but it is not bingo-related, so do not download that! The site works perfectly fine through your mobile or tablet browser, so there is no real need for an app anyway.

Who owns Mr Q?

Mr Q is owned by a company known as Lindar Media based in St Albans. They started off as affiliates and still own the bingo review site; OnlineBingo.co.uk. Over time they grew and opened their own white label bingo sites, including Circus Bingo, Oink Bingo and Pixie Bingo - all of which are now closed.

These were all nice looking sites, but Lindar had ambition to be more than just the same as everyone else, so they spent several years developing the software that went on to become Mr Q.

The journey of Mr Q developing this software is quite interesting and if you would like to know more about it you can still watch an interview I did with Lindar Media's MD, Savvas Fellas, back in October 2019 when I still worked for WhichBingo over on YouTube: https://youtu.be/gZydjKmk930

Why is Mr Q called Mr Q?

As revealed in the interview with Savvas, the name for Mr Q was simply down to the desire to have a short website URL. 'MrQ.com' was the coolest sounding 3 letter domain name they found available, and so the brand was built around it!

There isn't a real person or a 'Mr Q' that exists in the real world!

How to contact Mr Q

You can get in touch with Mr Q via:

  • Live chat
  • Email: support@mrq.com
  • Mail: MrQ, PO Box 1243, St Albans, AL1 9JH

Support (including live chat) is manned Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

To open live chat first click on the menu icon in the top left, then select Live Chat. It does say average reply time is 'a few hours' on the live chat but it looks to be one of those live help systems where if you leave you still get any responses emailed to you if you've left the screen.

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