X-Factor Bingo
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X-Factor Bingo

What is The X-Factor Bingo?

The X-Factor Bingo game is a 90 ball game with a 'Judges Jackpot' feature that gives players extra chances to win. The game is obviously themed around the X-Factor TV show, including the balls being called out in the booming voice that is associated with the show.

How to play

In each bingo game there are three prizes to be won - 1 line, 2 lines and full house. Once you've bought your tickets, the game plays out automatically so all you have to do is sit back and hope your numbers come in.

X-Factor Bingo Game
X-Factor Bingo on Mecca's Android App

Judges Jackpot Feature

A separate bingo ticket is displayed on the Judge's panel within the game. This is the same for all players and plays across multiple games. If you claim a full house and the last number called matches a number on the Judge's ticket (that isn't already marked off), you'll win a Judge's Jackpot prize.

There are different prizes available depending on whether the number you call house on completes a line, 2 lines or full house on the Judge's ticket. There is an 'any number' prize if you get a number that's on the Judge's ticket but doesn't complete a win line or full house.

  • Any Number: £5
  • 1 Line: £50
  • 2 Lines: £100
  • Full House: £500

On desktop you can see the Judges ticket on screen, but on mobile you'll have to press the 'View Judges Jackpot Ticket' button to see it.

X-Factor Bingo Judges Ticket
Click the button on mobile to view the Judge's Ticket & prizes
Judges Jackpot Winner
This lucky player hit the Judge's Jackpot top prize of £500

Other Prizes

Occasionally additional feature prizes such as '1TG' may be added to games. This means any players who had 1 number left to go (1TG) on their ticket when full house was won will also win a prize.

Where can I play X-Factor Bingo?

X-Factor Bingo is an exclusive game available only at Mecca Bingo. It is open daily from 10.00am - midnight.

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