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Drop Pots Bingo

What is Drop Pots Bingo?

Drop Pots is a new bingo room that has recently opened on the Pragmatic Play Bingo network. Not every site has it at the moment, but it is now an option for any brands on the platform.

The room first appeared on PlayOJO as the 'Drop Pots Room' but soon after was also released as part of the new Heart Bingo site, but this time with the name 'Candy Hearts'. Any site choosing to take this game has the option to call it anything they like, but it is the same game being played across all the sites once you're in there.

The special feature of this room is the three additional jackpots that can be triggered on any game, depending on the number of balls taken to win the full house. There is a small, medium and large jackpot, known in the game as mini pot, midi pot and maxi pots.

The Mini Pot

This jackpot is the smallest of the three. It starts on 30 calls to win and goes up by one after each game until it is won. Once won, the pot resets at £10 and starts all over again from the next game. It is available between 6am - 1am daily. At 1am the pot becomes unavailable and normal games will play with no mini pot but will return at 6am with the same amount in the pot as it was when closing.

  • Prize starts at: £10
  • # Calls to win: 30 (increases by 1 each game until won)
  • Available: 6am - 1am

The Midi Pot

The next jackpot starts at £300 and starts at 32 calls to win. Unlike the mini pot, this jackpot goes up by 1 call after every 3 games (this may vary) at the start of the promotional period which is 3pm. If it isn't won by 8pm it stops and then carries on the next day. If it is won before 8pm then it drops back down to 32 calls to win, if not it continues to grow until won.

  • Prize starts at: £300
  • # Calls to win: 32 (increases by 1 every 3 games until won between 3pm-8pm)
  • Available: 3pm - 8pm

The Maxi Pot

The biggest jackpot starts at £700 and is won on 34 calls. This amount does not increase until 9pm, where it goes up by 5 calls every game so that it is guaranteed to be won by 10pm.

  • Prize starts at: £700
  • # Calls to win: 34 (increases by 5 every games between 9pm-10pm until won)
  • Available: ??? (guaranteed to be won between 9pm - 10pm daily)
Drop Pots on Heart Bingo is called Candy Hearts
Drop Pots Bingo on Heart Bingo is known as the Candy Hearts room

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