Wayne's Zeus Bingo Review

Zeus Bingo is one of the newest bingo sites to have launched on the Jumpman Network. Up until 2020 they had their own bingo software, which wasn't very good, but fortunately they closed it down and switched all the bingo to the Pragmatic Play software, which is infinitely better.

However, the sites are still heavily focused on the slots and almost everything on site is geared towards encouraging slots play. This is notable by the fact when you're logged in, it isn't immediately obvious where the bingo games actually are. All you see are slot games and there is no obvious choice of 'bingo' in the main navigation.

To find the games you've got to click on the arrow on the sub-nav until bingo comes into view. Not a good user experience for a brand that has bingo in it's name.

Bingo Rooms

That being said, there are bingo rooms at Zeus Bingo for you to enjoy. Once you've found the bingo page you'll see a number of rooms mixed in with 'Bingo Millions' games.

These I personally don't consider to be bingo games, as they are more of a lottery style thing that take place twice a week. I would advise to avoid these, unless of course you got free tickets for them as part of your deposit bonus.

The remaining rooms are networked with the other Pragmatic sites, so nothing particularly different although it is good to see that Bingo Blast is available at Zeus as it isn't at every Pragmatic site.

The annoying thing about Zeus Bingo is that they've opted to have their own lobby page rather than using the default one from Pragmatic. What this means is every time you leave a bingo room, it takes you back to the main lobby where bingo isn't even visible as an option. It does get a bit tiresome having to find the bingo link each time. I really hope Jumpman consider changing this UX.

"Zeus Bingo is a nice looking site, but it's fair to say that bingo is not it's main focus. All of the rooms have chat switched off, so if you like chatting maybe it's not the site for you."

How to join Zeus Bingo

One of things I do like about Zeus Bingo is that on signing up you can choose 'PayPal Quick Registration'. This is where PayPal gives the site all your basic info so that you are registered much faster than having to type out all your details by hand. It also makes your first deposit at the same time.

If you haven't got PayPal or don't wish to do it this way, the signup form is pretty standard. It will ask for your name, DOB, email and phone number. Then you will enter your address before finally choosing a username and password.

Automatic checks will confirm your ID, after which you are free to deposit or browse the site. If for any reason the auto ID checks fail, you may have to provide additional proof of ID.

How to make a deposit at Zeus Bingo

When you first sign-up it will try and prompt you to make a deposit by shoving a huge deposit form right in your face once you've registered. Here you have the default option of paying by debit card, but you can also select pay by mobile, PayPal or Paysafecard.

If at any time in the future you wish to make a redeposit, you'll find the deposit button at the top right of the site. On mobile the deposit button looks like a big £ sign at the bottom of the screen.

Once you've selected the method you wish to use, be sure to follow the instructions and particularly make sure you choose the right deposit amount for you. It defaults to £20, so if you wish to deposit £10 be sure to click the £10 button.

How to make a withdrawal

Well, now here's the annoying thing about Zeus Bingo. When I attempted to find the withdrawal section (simply to look at it), a message popped up which said "my account is currently being reviewed" and that they needed to "carry out some checks on your account to safeguard your game-play and protect all players against fraud". It goes on to say the process can take up to 48 hours, and that I'll be emailed as soon as they're done.

Well, my understanding is that sites have to do all their checks before you are allowed to make a deposit. So given I've made my deposit I don't think they should be putting obstacles in the way to players to withdraw.

However, if you are in a position to withdraw the place to go is to click on 'My Account' and then 'Cashier'. From there you should see the option to 'Make a Withdrawal'. What it says beyond that I do not yet know, as it won't let me see the page!

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