Bingo Blast

How To Play Bingo Blast

Bingo Blast is a super-fast version of 90-ball bingo, available exclusively at Pragmatic Play bingo sites.

It’s essentially a normal 90-ball bingo game played for a full house only, but the unique aspect is that more than half of the bingo balls are called at the start of the game in two quick ‘blasts’.

Multiple balls are called all at once

Once the two ‘blasts’ are out of the way, the normal game begins with quick-fire

calls until someone eventually wins the full house.

When Is Bingo Blast Open?

Schedules may have changed since writing this, but at the moment the Bingo Blast room is available from 7 am-9 am and then 5 pm-10 pm.

It is also available at other sites that use Pragmatic Play’s bingo software, such as the entire Jumpman Bingo network of sites.

Prizes & Jackpots

As Bingo Blast only plays for a full house, there is just a single prize on each game. The value obviously depends on how many players there are and how many tickets they’ve all bought. There isn’t currently any sort of additional jackpot, but as the game grows in popularity I am sure it is something that may be added further down the line.

At the moment, prize money isn’t huge as the network this is on is still relatively new and doesn’t have as many players as the likes of Playtech or Gamesys.

Special ‘Snowball Blast’ Theme

In December 2020 the game took on a Winter theme by rebranding to ‘Snowball Blast’.

The game plays exactly the same as regular Bingo Blast, but the numbers come out as snowballs. The whole game background is also given a snow-covered design, with a jolly snowman in the centre which adds a fun element to the game.

I believe this theme will remain in place until at least the end of January 2021.

Where Can I Play Bingo Blast?

Bingo Blast is available only on sites powered by Pragmatic Play bingo software. Examples of such websites include:

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