Wayne's Heart Bingo Review

I have to begin by saying I am a massive fan of Heart Bingo. I think it is an excellent site, with great games and promotions, chat hosts and all the rest of it. If you fancy giving it a go, I can 100% recommend it.

The only downside really is that Heart Bingo isn't exactly unique. It is a sister site to Jackpotjoy and as a result if you've ever played there then everything about Heart Bingo will feel very familiar. Most of the bingo rooms are networked with Jackpotjoy, many of the promotions are the same and obviously the layout of the site and design of the games is exactly the same too.

The only major difference really is that Jackpotjoy has one or two games that Heart does not, so it begs the question why play at Heart when you can have Jackpotjoy? I'm not sure how to really answer that as JPJ does have more games, more promotions and a few more players too.

However, if you're done with Jackpotjoy and just fancy a change of scenery and grabbing a new signup offer then fantastic. Heart is just as good as Jackpotjoy so if you enjoyed it there you will enjoy it here too.

Bingo Games Available

Here is a list of all the different varieties of online bingo available at this site:

Bingo Games Available

Session Bingo

As with all the Gamesys sites, Heart Bingo has a big focus on Session Bingo. This is a special room that plays 4 times a day for an hour-long bingo session, just like you would play at your local bingo hall. You pay a flat fee of £5 and that gets you 15 games of bingo for the hour.

Games switch between 90, 80 and 75 ball and it all works out cheaper than if you bought tickets to each game separately. There are four sessions per day:

  • Morning: 10.00am - 11.00am
  • Afternoon: 3.00pm - 4.00pm
  • Evening: 7.00pm - 8.00pm
  • Twilight: 11.00pm - midnight

Just head to the dedicated Session Bingo room if you wish to take part.

Daily Free Games

Once you've made your first deposit, you will become eligible to play in the Heart Bingo daily free games. There are four in total:

  • Doubly Bubbly
  • Tiki's Catch of the Day
  • Rainbow Riches Daily Bonus
  • Daily Paper

Each game is slightly different but they all work along a similar model whereby you get so many turns each day, and your aim is to collect matching items which lead to various prizes such as bingo tickets, cash and free spins. Click on 'Free' from the main menu to locate these games.

Heart Radio Player

If you're on the desktop version of Heart Bingo you can click on the 'Listen' button in the top right that opens up the Global Radio Player. It will of course open up on Heart FM, but you can scroll through all the different radio stations owned by Global, and listen along while you play.

How to find the bingo games

Upon login you will be at the main Heart Bingo homepage. This will usually only show you a few rooms, details on some latest promotions and a bunch of suggested slots to play. To find the bingo games you have to select bingo which on mobile appears as an icon around the middle of the page. On desktop it is more traditional as a link in a navigation along the top.

Once you have found the bingo page you will see a slider with latest promotions at the top, then all the different bingo rooms below with information such as player numbers, ticket price, prize money and time to next game.

On mobile if you click on any of the rooms you will see some additional info along with a play now button. On desktop this appears on mouse-over, with an info icon if you want to find out more about the game you can click this instead of the play now button.

Heart Bingo mobile lobby
Heart Bingo mobile app on Android

How to make a deposit at Heart Bingo

On mobile you can click on the deposit button in the top right of your screen. On desktop it is also in the top right on any page where games are shown. You can also get to the deposit screen by clicking on menu > my account > deposit funds.

When you click on the deposit button it will open a popup where you can choose on of four deposit methods:

  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay (only on supporting iOS and macOS devices)

Due to anti-money laundering rules you can't use PayPal as your first deposit, but you can for any subsequent deposits. A bit annoying but I think this may have something to do with operator Gamesys being hit by a big fine for insufficient AML checks in the past, so they're now very cautious. You can also only have one payment method registered to one Heart Bingo account, so if your partner shares a bank account with you, it may not allow you both to deposit on the same card.

The minimum deposit amount is £10.

If you ever wish to change your deposit method you cannot do this unless your balance is less than £1 and any pending withdrawals have cleared.

How to make a withdrawal

To make a withdrawal , click on Menu > My Account > Withdraw > Withdraw. You will be shown a screen with your pending balanace and withdrawable balance. These two values may be different if you have any bonus funds or wagering left to do on bonus funds.

So long as you have over the minimum withdrawal amount of £10 in your withdrawable balance you can take out your winnings any time. Just enter the amount you wish to withdraw and tap the confirm button.

E-Wallets such as PayPal are the fastest methods to use as they have no clearing times. Debit cards and bank transfers are processes by Heart Bingo within 4-24 hours, and then depending on your bank it may take a nother few days to get your payment.

  • Visa Debit Card: 24-48 hours
  • PayPal: Instant
  • Bank Account: 2-5 working days

Does Heart Bingo have an app?

Yes. You can find the app available for both apple and android devices on the Apple App Store / Google Play Store. It is also perfectly fine working through your mobile browser on any device. You don't really need to have the app.

Candy Club Powerbolt Jackpots

Heart Bingo's main bingo room is called Candy Club. It has a must-drop jackpot feature known as 'Powerbolts' which features two jackpots; a Maxi Bolt which is won once daily and a Mini Bolt which can be won several times in a day.

Both jackpots can be seen above the regular game prizes, along with the number of balls required to trigger them. If the game plays and more balls are called than trigger these jackpots, they will change and say 'better luck next time' until the next game begins when the info reappears. Because the Maxi Bolt jackpot is won once per day, it will say 'From 12am' on it to indicate that this jackpot will reset at midnight.

Maxi Bolt

As mentioned, the Maxi Bolt is a once-daily linked jackpot, to which a percentage of each player's ticket price goes towards the jackpot until it is won.

The Maxi Bolt must be won by 10pm each day. It starts at midnight with a 38 ball trigger, which means it will only be won if someone claims full house within 38 calls. As the day goes by, this trigger value will slowly increase, making it more likely someone will win it. If no-one has won the jackpot by 9.55pm, that final game will be set to 90 balls as the trigger, which guarantees it will be won by someone on that game.

The Maxi Bolt is linked across all the Heart Bingo sister sites, such as Jackpotjoy.

Mini Bolt

Unlike the Maxi Bolt, this smaller jackpot is just for Heart Bingo players and is not linked across the sister sites. As with all jackpots, a small percentage of the ticket sales goes into the jackpot on each game.

The only difference to the larger Maxi Bolt is that this jackpot has a higher trigger value which does not change. This means it will typically be won multiple times per day. Once it is won, it resets and starts again on the very next game, unlike the Maxi which only comes back the next day.

Another cool feature of this jackpot is that if the larger Maxi Bolt has already been won, the contributions that would have been going into that jackpot now feed into this one. This means the Mini Bolt jackpot will become larger much more quickly. This boosted state lasts until midnight when the other jackpot is reset.

Superlinks Bingo

Heart Bingo has a special linked room known as Superlinks. This room is permanently linked with all the sister sites on the Gamesys bingo software in order to provide larger prizes.

The games play every 5 minutes with special games every 30 minutes that link up with other rooms at Heart Bingo. If you're in a different bingo room at the time, you may be suprised to find it all suddenly changes to the superlinks design and the ticket price changes, so watch out for this!

Tickets in Superlink games are typically 10p each except for the game that occurs on the hour mark, which is usually 25p per ticket.

Bingo Winners Club

If you've scrolled to the bottom of the bingo page you may have noticed a couple of rooms called Bingo Winners Club Daily and Bingo Winners Club Weekly. These are Heart Bingo's free bingo rooms, but you can't just go in and purchase tickets, you have to earn them first.

The daily room plays from 8:45pm each day with prizes of:

  • 1 Line: £20
  • 2 Lines: £40
  • Full House: £100

The weekly games start at 9.15pm every Sunday with 5 games in total. The prize money increases each game.

  • Game 1: £125 for 1L, 2L & FH
  • Game 2: £125 for 1L, 2L & FH
  • Game 3: £250 for 1L, 2L & FH
  • Game 4: £250 for 1L, 2L & FH
  • Game 5: £500 for 1L, £1000 for 2L & FH

How to earn tickets to the Bingo Winners Club

There are two bingo rooms where you can win tickets that get you into the Bingo Winners Club games. These are Candy Club and Session Bingo.

When you enter the room look at where it shows the number of players in that room. If it has the letters BW next to them, it means the games in this room award Bingo Winners Club (BW) tickets as well as the normal prize money.

Candy Club: Any bingo win in Candy Club (excluding Superlinks) between 12.05am - 12:59am and 7.00am - 7.59pm will get you tickets to the Bingo Winners Club.

Session: Any bingo win during the afternoon (3.00pm) or evening (7.00pm) session awards BW tickets. The morning (10.00am) and twilight (11.00pm) sessions do not award BW tickets.

BW tickets cannot be won from a free game, linked game or if you have won a progressive jackpot. You will know you have won tickets when you can see the 'BW' display next to the names of winning players. When you win Bingo Winners Club tickets the screen will display 12 tickets won - 6 tickets for both of that evening's game and 6 tickets for each of the 5 weekly games on a Sunday. If the screen displays only 6 tickets won, it's because you already have max (72) tickets for the weekly game.


Heart Bingo is unusual in that it is one of just a few bingo sites (all on Gamesys) that have a section of the site where you can play online poker. It's not something commonly linked with bingo, so it does stand out, but don't be afraid. Heart have made it very easy to play and with similar style to the bingo so it is really easy to try if you've ever fancied it.

There are a bunch of video tutorials you can watch if you're a newbie and the starter room is just £1 to play. You get 400 chips to bet with and usually sit at a 'table' with 4 players. So its low cost, quick games that can actually be a lot of fun.

If you're more experienced in poker there are several levels of tables and tournaments of different prize amounts and buy-in stakes, so all kinds of players are catered for. It's definitely something to have a little look at. The even have free poker sessions from time to time, so keep an eye out for these too.

Heart Bingo Contact Details

There is an in-depth support area on the Heart Bingo website which you can find by selecting Menu > Help & FAQ.

If you can't find a solution to your issue within their FAQ, look for the red 'Help' icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. It can sometimes be tricky to see because it appears on a red background. On mobile it looks like a speech bubble. Click it and type your problem. It will try and give you an FAQ link first, but if that doesn't help you can click 'live chat' to speak to an advisor.

Who Owns Heart Bingo?

Heart Bingo is owned by Global (also known as Global Media & Entertainment) who are the largest commercial radio company in Europe. They own well known radio brands such as Heart, Capital FM, Classic FM, LBC, Radio X and Smooth Radio.

However, Global do not manage the day-to-day running of Heart Bingo, this is handled by Gamesys Group via their subsiduary company, Mice & Dice Ltd. If you have to get in touch with Heart Bingo for any reason, it will be the people at Mice & Dice you should speak to as they handle the customer support channels.