Heart Bonanza Bingo
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Heart Bonanza Bingo

What is Heart Bonanza Bingo?

Heart Bonanza Bingo is essentially a 90 ball bingo game that is exclusive to the all new Heart Bingo.

The room is themed in the same style as the 'Heart Bonanza' slot game, which in turn is a re-naming of an existing Pragmatic Play slot called Sweet Bonanza. Got all that? :)

When Heart Bingo relaunched in September 2021, this room essentially served as their main exclusive bingo room. So expect all the better features and seeded pots to appear in here.

Any features?

I've played the room for a while following launch and it seems as though despite all of the lovely graphics in the background, the game itself is just a standard 90 ball game.

There aren't any special features exclusive to the room, but it does run various games where you may find things like Roll On Bingo or XTG games that play out once full house is won.

As the main room on the site, expect decent amount of seeded (i.e. guaranteed) prize money, especially as the room is open 24/7. Look at pre-buy for the best times to get in when player numbers are low.

Heart Bonanza Bingo room at Heart Bingo
Heart Bonanza Bingo features a colourful theme based on the slot of the same name

Because the room is based on the slot game of the same name, I expected perhaps they could turn this into a kind of Reels Room, where you get paid out in Heart Bonanza slot spins. This hasn't been the case, but I guess it could be something they consider for the future if Reels Room is a success.

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