Snakes & Ladders Bingo
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Snakes & Ladders Bingo

What is Snakes & Ladders Bingo?

Snakes & Ladders Bingo is an unusual 90 ball bingo variant that has a unique feature game that plays out at the end of the game. Unlike most feature games, this one can only be activated if you finish a game of bingo on 1 to go.

It does feature a cartoon snake within the design, so some of these have been censored in our screenshots as they could be deemed 'appealing to under 18s'.

How to play

The game plays just like any regular game of 90 ball bingo. First you play to win 1 line across, then 2 lines and finishing with a full house. At the end of the game the Snakes & Ladders feature then comes into play for all the players who have at least one ticket on 1 to go.

If that's you, congratulations you will now move on to play the feature game.

Snakes & Ladders Bingo game
Snakes & Ladders Bingo plays a regular 90 ball game

Snakes & Ladders Feature Game

The feature game will only appear to those players who managed to finish with at least one ticket on 1TG. If you are the full house winner, you can still activate the feature game if any other of your tickets finished on 1TG.

If you do not qualify then nothing appears to happen, only qualified players even see the feature happening.

The game features a Snakes & Ladders board with 25 squares numbered 1 to 25. A dice is then rolled three times and your counter moves across the board just like in a game of Snakes & Ladders. If you land on a ladder, you go up the board and if you land on a snake you go down.

Snakes & Ladders Bingo Dice Roll
A dice is rolled and you move that many spaces

Each of the squares has a cash value on it, and you win whatever value your counter ends on after 3 rolls of the dice. The top prize for getting to the final 25th square is a fixed jackpot of £500. If this is triggered the money is shared with all the players who qualified.

Snakes & Ladders Bingo Board
Prize values are on each square where it is possible to stop
Snakes & Ladders Feature Winner
I've got this feature twice and both times only won 10p!

Where can I play Snakes & Ladders Bingo?

This game is an exclusive for Mecca Bingo. It is open from 10.00am - 1.00am every day.

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