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Emmerdale Bingo

What is Emmerdale Bingo?

As the name suggests, Emmerdale Bingo is a 90 ball bingo room that is themed around the ITV soap Emmerdale. Even the bingo caller has a Yorkshire accent with custom calls such as "Yorkshire cup of tea, number three".

In additional to the usual 90 ball three-part game, it also has two extra features: The 'Emmerdale Trail Jackpot' and the 'Country Miles Collection'.

How to play

The basic bingo game plays like any other 90 ball game. There are prizes for the first player(s) to claim one line, two lines and then a full house. The two extra features in this game only come into play at the end of the game, once the full house winner has been declared.

Emmerdale Bingo
Emmerdale Bingo

Emmerdale Trail Jackpot

At the top of the screen you'll see a car on a road with a number on top of it. This number signifies how far along the road the car has driven so far. To the right of the car there is a sign which features one of 5 Emmerdale-based locations, as well as the distance to each:

  • The Woolpack: Location 20
  • Cafe Main Street: Location 40
  • The Grange B&B: Location 60
  • The Vets: Location 80
  • Dingle's Garage: Location 90

Depending on the number that was called when full house was won, the car will drive that number along the trail. For example, if 50 was the last number called, the car would move 50 spaces along the trail.

Emmerdale Bingo Trail Feature
When full house is won, the car moves by that many spaces

If the car stops directly on an Emmerdale jackpot location, a fixed amount prize will be won. If the car drives past the location, the amount is not paid out.

Emmerdale Bingo car
If the car had landed on 60 (yellow area) the Cafe prize would have been triggered

The Emmerdale Trail is a loop of the village, so when the car goes past 90 it then starts again at 1 and keeps going.

All the jackpots other than Dingle's Garage pay out to the community. The Dingle's Garage jackpot is paid to the full house winner(s) only.

Emmerdale Country Miles Collection

To the left of the car you will see a speedometer with the words 'Country Miles' just above it. On your first visit this will always read as 00.00.

Every move that the car drives along the road at the end of the normal bingo game will count as 0.011 of a mile. So in our earlier example, if the game finished on number 50 and the car moves 50 spaces, this would increase your Country Miles counter by 00.55 miles (50 x 0.011 = 0.55).

When you have collected a total of 50 miles you will receive a £2.50 bonus.

Emmerdale Bingo Country Miles
The last game finished on 89, so I earned 0.97 country miles (89 x 0.11 = 0.97)

It's a bit of a grind trying to win this feature, as you will need the car to have travelled 4,545 spaces in total to build up the necessary mileage. Even if every single game finished on number 90 (very unlikely) it would still take over 50 games to get the mileage you need. The game will of course remember your mileage, so you can build up the miles over a long period of time. But when you eventually get that £2.50 bonus, will it have been worth all that time and effort?

Always buy at least 6 tickets!

The Country Miles Collection feature is not activated unless you buy a minimum of 6 tickets. So if you want to take part make sure you buy at least this amount on every game.

Where can I play Emmerdale Bingo?

Emmerdale Bingo was originally launched as it's own standalone room, but in 2020 it was moved to become part of the TV Specials room. This room is open daily from 8.00am - 2.00am exclusively at Gala Bingo.

However, the TV Specials room has other TV-themed games on a rotation, so Emmerdale Bingo will only be available at specific times. The best way to find out exactly when is to enter the room and then click on the 'schedule' button.

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