Winning Headlines Bingo

What Is Winning Headlines Bingo?

Winning Headlines Bingo is a newspaper themed 36 ball bingo game, available exclusively for Sun Bingo.

Numbers are called just like in regular bingo, but there are also 6 different Sun newspaper logos that could also be called instead of a number. These are:

  • Sun Savers logo
  • TV Biz logo
  • Sun logo
  • Dream Team logo
  • Bizarre logo
  • Hols for £9.50 logo

These logos are important when it comes to one of the special features of the game, the Headline Jackpot.

How To Play

The basic game is played for a full house only. The player who can mark off all 12 of their numbers (and symbols) on a single ticket will be the winner. Each player has three strips of 12 numbers & symbols, so it is a fair and square type of bingo game, with an equal chance to win.

Multi-Price Tickets

In Winning Headlines Bingo you must first choose your ticket stake and the prize money will change according to how much you select:

  • 10p stake: £1 prize
  • 50p stake: £5 prize
  • £1 stake: £10 prize
  • £2 stake: £20 prize

Headline Jackpot

The Headline Jackpot is a community pot that pays out to all players in one of two possible scenarios:

  • All 6 of the special Sun newspaper symbols are called in the game
  • The house prize is won with a special Sun symbol as the last ball is called.

This jackpot is seeded at £10 and increases each game based on ticket purchases.

Other Fixed Jackpots

There are two additional fixed jackpots in the room that pay out depending if someone wins full house within a certain number of calls:

  • Hot off the Press Jackpot:
  • Deadline Jackpot:

Unlike the community jackpot, these are paid to the winner of the full house only, according to their stake.

Hot off the Press Jackpot payouts:

  • 10p stake: £500
  • 50p stake: £2,500
  • £1 stake: £5,000
  • £2 stake: £10,000

Deadline Jackpot payouts:

  • 10p stake: £50
  • 50p stake: £250
  • £1 stake: £500
  • £2 stake: £1,000

Bingo Sites With Winning Headlines Bingo

Winning Headlines Bingo is exclusive to Sun Bingo and its sister site Fabulous Bingo.

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