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Fab Grab Bingo

What is Fab Grab Bingo?

Fab Grab Bingo is a 90 ball variant that first debuted on Foxy Bingo. It consists of a regular 90 ball game with an additional 'Top & Tails' feature.

The regular game plays for your usual 1 line, 2 lines and then full house. Depending on which ball was called on full house, you could win the 'Fur-Share' jackpot.

Top & Tails Feature

As part of the ticket purchase process, you will be asked to choose five lucky numbers, known as 'Top & Tails' numbers. If one of your numbers matches the full house number you will win a share of the 'Fur-Share' jackpot.

You can manually select these numbersor simply press 'lucky dip' to select a random five.

Fab Grab Bingo Ticket Purchase
Select your 5 lucky numbers

Once the game begins you will see your Top & Tails numbers are marked on your tickets with a small icon that looks like Foxy's tail. Even if you are playing the game on one of the other networked sites, the symbol is still the Fox's tail.

Fab Grab gameplay
Lucky numbers are marked with a purple icon

Fur Share Jackpot

So this is simply an additional prize pot that is triggered if full house is called on a number that one or more players have as their Top & Tails.

The jackpot is not a life-changing amount of money by any means. When I last played in this room the full house prize was around £6 and the Fur Share jackpot was only at £1.

I did happen to win, but as one of five other winners I only picked up a 20p consolation prize.

Fur Share Jackpot win
The Fur Share jackpot is just a consolation prize really

Where can I play Fab Grab Bingo?

All of the sites on the GVC Electraworks bingo network now have this game, although it was first a Foxy Bingo variant.

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