Coronation Street Bingo

What Is Coronation Street Bingo?

As the name suggests, Coronation Street Bingo is a bingo game themed around the famous ITV soap. It plays a regular 90-ball, three-part game, with an extra ‘Golden Cobbles’ jackpot feature.

Between games there used to be ‘classic’ clips from the show that are played within the game but since the move to Electraworks software the design got stripped back and these were no longer part of the room. Corrie Bingo is a very popular room and the only one of Gala Bingo’s TV-themed games that hasn’t been bundled together as part of their TV Specials room.

This game is an exclusive title for Gala Bingo Online.

How To Play

The rules are exactly the same as any other 90-ball bingo game. It plays first for a line, then two lines and a full house. Once you’ve bought tickets, you just sit back and watch the numbers roll in. The game automatically marks all the numbers and claims bingo for you.

Corrie Bingo plays just like a standard 90-ball game

Golden Cobbles Jackpot

The special feature of this game is the Golden Cobbles Jackpot ticket, which is a shared ticket which plays over multiple games of bingo. It appears above your tickets on desktop, but if you are on mobile it only appears if you click the ‘View Golden Jackpot Ticket’ button.

This ticket is the same as a normal 90-ball ticket, and every time a player wins full house, if the final number called is on the Golden Cobbles ticket it will be marked off (if it hasn’t already been marked off). When this happens, a jackpot prize is paid to the full house winner as follows:

  • Any Number: When the number marked does not create a line, 2 lines or full house.
  • 1 Line: When the number marked off completes 1 line across.
  • 2 Lines: When the number marked off completes 2 lines across.
  • Full House: When the number marked off is the last number to be marked.

I’m not sure if these prizes are fixed, but when I played the game to review it recently, the ‘Any Number’ prize was £10 and the ‘House’ prize on the Golden Cobbles was £500.

If full house is won on #1, the Golden Cobbles Jackpot will trigger

Other Jackpots

The Corrie Bingo room is part of the ‘Gala Premiere Jackpots’, which is a selection of different games on Gala Bingo which all share the same 5 time-based jackpots:

  • Hourly Jackpot: Won on average every hour.
  • Daily Jackpot: Won on average once per day.
  • Weekly Jackpot: Won on average once per week.
  • Monthly Jackpot: Won on average once per month.
  • Big Boss Jackpot: Massive jackpot may not be won for months at a time.

I’m not 100% sure how these jackpots are triggered, as it isn’t 100% clear on the Gala site how it works. But good luck to you if you happen to win one!

Where Can I Play Corrie Bingo?

Coronation St Bingo is available only at Gala Bingo. You can find it in the main bingo and TV specials sections.

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