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What is Stakeback? Wasn't it called Hex?

OK, so I recently went onto tombola for the first time in a while and I noticed that they had rebranded their 'Hex' game as 'Stakeback'.

Hex / Stakeback is a fast-paced bingo game with a 1-in-5 chance of winning your money back! It is basically a 30 ball bingo game, but instead of balls, the numbers are called out on hexagonal discs.

I didn't have a problem with the original name, but I can see how Stakeback is something that puts the USP of this game there in the title. So you'll have to ignore the fact my video is now out of date it would be a lot of effort to change it!

Joining a game

First select a room to play in. Each room has its own chat.

To play Stakeback (aka Hex) you can buy a ticket which costs from 10p to £2. The prize you can win depends on the value of your stake. Choose your stake price by clicking one of the hexagons, then tap 'Buy' and 'Confirm' to buy a ticket. To choose a different stake amount tap 'Change stake'. You may have to wait a short while before the next game starts.

Winning Your Stake Back

At the same time you are selecting your stake, you get to choose a stakeback colour. You can choose from 5 different pastel colours:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green

When the game begins, the room background will change to the colour you chose as a subtle reminder of your choice. Each number called during the game will appear on a hexagon in one of the five colours. If the final number called is the same colour you chose, you win back your stake.

It's that simple.

Hex select stake screen
Choose your stake and stakeback colour


You can tap matching numbers to mark them, or choose to have your ticket marked automatically by selecting 'auto marking' from the game menu. By default this should be set to automatic. If you are manually marking you can click the call count at the top of the screen to 'catch up' your game and mark off any outstanding numbers.

Playing the game

The aim of the game is to match 10 numbers on your ticket from up to 30 numbered tiles that drop from the top of the screen. You can tap matching numbers on your ticket to mark them or choose to have numbers marked automatically. The first player to match 10 numbers wins the game.

Hex gameplay
Background colour reminds you of your stakeback choice


A single full house prize is available in each game. If more than one player wins at the same time, then the prize is shared.

Hex stakeback winners
In this game everyone who chose green got their stakeback


Win the game in 12 calls or less to win a jackpot worth 10,000x your stake, or 14 calls or less to win a jackpot worth 1,000x your stake. If more than one player wins a jackpot at the same time, each player receives the full amount.

Where can I play Stakeback / Hex?

Stakeback (aka Hex) is exclusive to tombola. It is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

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