Morph Bingo

What Is Morph?

Have you ever wanted to play bingo without numbers? What do you mean no? Well tough, because this game from tombola does exactly that. Instead of numbers, there are shapes!

This game is only available to play at Tombola.

How To Play

To play Morph you can buy a ticket which costs from 5p to £1. The prize you can win depends on the price you pay.

Select your stake

Your ticket comprises of 16 coloured shapes. Prizes are won by completing one line of your ticket and marking all calls on your ticket for a full house.

As the game begins the morpher begins to morph. The morpher will change into a shape, then display a colour. You can only mark a shape off your ticket if it matches the shape AND colour. If you are colour blind there is a colour blind mode.


You play for 4 prizes in every game, by getting one line, full house or two jackpot prizes. If more than one player wins a prize at the same time, the prize is shared. You can win more than one prize in a single game.

Morph plays for one line of 4, then full house


The jackpot amount and the number of calls needed to win the jackpot is displayed on the screen. To win a jackpot prize you must mark off all calls within 21 calls, or 23 calls for a smaller jackpot.

Within 21 calls

  • 5p stake – £250
  • 10p stake – £500
  • 25p stake – £1,250
  • 50p stake – £2,500
  • £1 stake – £5,000

Within 23 calls

  • 5p stake – £50
  • 10p stake – £100
  • 25p stake – £250
  • 50p stake – £500
  • £1 stake – £1,000


There is one shared chat room in Morph.

Where Can I Play Morph?

Morph is only available to play at Tombola. It is playable on both desktop and mobile devices.

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