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What is Paper?

Paper is another exclusive to tombola, aimed at providing players with a cheap and lighter way to play bingo.

How to play

Tickets range from 1p to 10p and a player can only buy a maximum of 5 tickets.

Paper bingo stake selector
It is all low stakes in tombola's paper bingo

Each ticket consists of 5 numbers, in order to mark off your ticket you must match the number from the caller to a number on the ticket. Tickets remain in place on the screen and do not auto sort.

Match a number on your ticket to the caller, the ticket will mark off and will then drop down. Match all 5 numbers on any one ticket to win the full house prize!

tombola Paper bingo game
Get one strip of 5 numbers to win the game


The game prizes vary from game to game and are dependent upon the number of players in the game, the number of tickets purchased, the ticket price, the amount of real money staked and whether the game is included in a promotion. All prizes and the number of players are shown at the start of each game. The return to player (RTP) for paper will be 80% and above.

Each game has three potential prizes:

  • Full House Prize - the first player(s) to match all 5 numbers on a ticket.
  • Tier 1 Jackpot - stake x50,000 if they win the full house prize in 5 calls.
  • Tier 2 Jackpot - stake x10,000 if they win the full house prize in 6 calls.

If more than one player wins, the full house prize will be shared amongst all valid winners. Should more than one person win the jackpot, each will receive the full jackpot amount.

Where can I play Paper?

Paper is an exclusive bingo game available only at tombola. It is playable on desktop and mobile devices.

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