Reel Bingo
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Reel Bingo

What is Reel Bingo?

Reel Bingo is yet another new game from the creative minds over at tombola. It is at it's core, a 35 ball bingo game but instead of numbers you have fruit symbols to collect similar to what you would find on a classic 3-reel slot machine.

How to play

As with all tombola games, you must first select your stake. Here you can choose tickets from 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 or £2.

Each ticket contains 10 fruit combinations.

The caller reel will spin with each call. When it stops, a combination of three fruits will be shown in the reel. If you have the matching combination on your card, it will be marked off. This can be done manually or automatically. Your preference can be selected within the game menu.

The Column Prize winner is the first to match all five combinations in one column. The Full House Prize winner is the first to match all 10 combinations on their card.

Bonus Game

The caller reel will also contain BAR symbols. If the caller reel stops spinning and shows three BAR symbols, then the Bonus Game will be activated. This will play at the end of the game and all players will be entered.

Within the Bonus Game a caller reel will spin. When it stops, if a BAR symbol is shown then your BAR collectors will fill up. The first player to collect 10 BAR symbols wins the Bonus prize.

Reel Bingo Bonus Game

Wayne's opinion of Reel Bingo

I quite like Reel Bingo. It's a cute and simple game, with some good background music and satisfying squelch sounds when your fruits get dabbed off.

I also like the little touches such as being able to smash fruits that fly across the screen when you are waiting to begin.

The only downside is there appears to be just the one room, so it gets very busy which limits your chance to win.

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