The Machine
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The Machine

What is The Machine?

The machine is an unusual 40 ball bingo game which sees players compete for two prize pots via an unsual bingo contraption known as The Machine.

As the cogs turn, players could win one of two prize pots or steal the lot by triggering the special 'Pressure Prize'.

Joining a game

To play The Machine you can buy a ticket which costs between 10p and £1. The prize you can win depends on the price of the ticket you buy. Choose your ticket price by pressing the keys on the purchase screen. Click 'buy' then 'confirm' to buy your ticket.

Ticket purchase
The prize value changes depending on your stake

Playing a game

You have 20 numbers on your ticket: 8 on the silver cog and 12 on the gold cog. During the game, numbers are called in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. When a called number matches a number on your ticket, it is marked off on a cog.

tombola The Machine
There are two prizes to win: Gold Prize & Silver Prize


Play for two prizes in every game, by matching all of the numbers on a cog. Match all 8 silver numbers to win the silver prize, and all 12 gold numbers to win the gold prize. If more than one player wins a prize at the same time, the prize is shared. You can win more than one prize in a game.

The pressure prize

The pressure prize is a shortcut to winning all of the prizes still in play. You can win the pressure prize by marking 6 numbers called when under the visor that sits on top of the cogs. When the pressure prize is won, the game ends, and the winner(s) win all of the available prizes.

The pressure gauge

Your pressure gauge shows how close you are to winning the pressure prize. Each time a number is marked under the visor, the lights and pressure needle will show your progress. The pressure gauge also shows how close another player is to winning the pressure prize - when the warning light flashes red, that means someone is only one number away from winning the pressure prize!

The Machine Gold Prize only
Here the Silver Prize has been won and my pressure prize is only on level 1

Where can I play The Machine?

This game is an exclusive game available only at tombola. It is playable on both desktop and mobile devices.

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