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What is HexaBingo?

HexaBingo is a unique 27-ball, 3-player variation of online bingo. It was first released in August 2020 from the studios of Relax Gaming, the software house that powers Unibet Bingo and Bingo.com.

It's unlike any other bingo game out there and it's one of the most interesting and fun bingo games to come out in years. It's been influenced heavily by a poker system called Sit'N'Go, and this shows in it's layout and gameplay features.

HexaBingo Video

Click on the image below to play a video first look of HexaBingo in action.

How to play HexaBingo

You start off by choosing a stake to 'buy-in' to a game, much like buying a seat at a poker table. Once you've chosen your stake, you pick an avatar and enter the game.

This stake amounts start off reasonable at 50p, £1 and £2, but soon become a bit ridiculous with £5, £10, £25, £50 and even £100 buy-in amounts!

HexaBingo buy-in screen
Select your buy-in & choose an avatar

Much like a poker game, once you've bought in you'll be seated at a table. Here you may have to wait momentarily while the game connects you to play bingo with two other players.

HexaBingo waiting area
The game begins when 2 other players have joined

Finally, once you have a set of three players, the game selects the prize money you will be playing for. Several prize values will appear on screen depending on your buy-in amount, and these will disappear until only two remain, then finally the prize is chosen.

Usually you will be playing for the lowest prize possible, so in a 50p game that would be a £1 prize pot. However, I have been involved in 50p games that went as high as £5 on the prize selector. When this happens, there is dramatic music and even the screen of the game changes colour to reflect that you are playing for a bigger prize.

HexaBingo prize selector
The game will choose a prize from 7 possible values

How to win HexaBingo

To win you must be the first player to get three numbers across in a horizontal line. Vertical or diagonal lines do not count in this game.

The bingo tickets are a 3x3 grid, with each column headed by the letters H, E and X. Each of the letters has a group of 9 numbers that may appear in that column:

  • H: 1 to 9
  • E: 10 to 18
  • X: 19 to 27

It's important to know this as the letter is called first and there is a dramatic pause before the number then appears. If you or your rivals have a number available on that letter, the numbers are shown in red (or green if it's yours) and the game music changes to add to the tension.

When the number finally spins around and appears, it can be quite exciting if you win or if you just avoid the rival players from winning.

HexaBingo gameplay
A number in the E column is next. 10 & 14 are shown in red as possible winning calls
HexaBingo bigger game
If you get a higher than usual prize pot the background colour changes

Where can I play HexaBingo?

HexaBingo is exclusive to Relax Gaming sites, therefore you can only play it at the following:

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